If you love travelling with one of the most versatile vehicles available to us, the mighty 4X4 ute, you probably want to take advantage of everything it offers. If you love using your vehicle to go on off-road camping trips, regardless of whether you are going hiking, mountain biking, or you like cycling in nature or simply want to set up camp and spend some time enjoying nature, there is an abundance of accessories you can get to take your 4X4 experience to the next level.

One of the perks about driving around and going on any type of trip with your 4X4 is unparalleled comfort. Another one is the spaciousness, which can allow you to travel with friends and family, bring a lot of camping gear, as well as use your vehicle for work and transport. And when it comes to going off-road with these amazing vehicles, the journey itself is just as important a part of the adventure as the destination.

window rain guards


Enjoy the Breeze on the Road

There are many aftermarket accessories available on the market that can make your 4X4 trips even more pleasant, and one of the best amongst them are car weathershields. They are simple and fairly inexpensive, easy to install and look cool. But most importantly, they are very effective and convenient, both in making your trip more comfortable and protecting your vehicle.

There is something about driving with your windows down that makes many of us feel happy. It reminds us of freedom, of flying, of letting go. Moreover, many of us prefer the cool outside air over the air conditioner. But, when you are on the road driving at higher speeds, things like wind and rain can cause a lot of discomfort inside your vehicle, and turn the pleasant gentle touch of the breeze into a noisy uncomfortable hurricane blowing directly into your face. Weathershields are used to prevent that by shielding us from the weather, as the name suggests.

Also referred to as window rain guards or wind deflectors, these simple but incredibly useful accessories help prevent condensation when it’s cold outside, misting of the windows when it rains, and reduce the sun glare through the side windows. But most importantly, when you install window rain guards, you reduce the noise produced by the window and the spraying during bad weather, which can otherwise make it unbearable to travel with your windows down.

Because the vehicle’s aerodynamics are altered when your window is opened, the air is drawn inside, which significantly increase the noise. The rain guards make the aerodynamic contours slightly smoother, or in other words, they prevent the wind and the raindrops from entering through the window by redirecting them over the window and around the sides.

car bike carrier

Bring Your Bike

If you are into mountain biking, you like riding your bike through nature or you want your bike with you on your adventure for any reason, the best and most convenient way to carry it is to install a car bike carrier. While it is possible to fit your bike inside your 4X4, if you plan to frequently carry your favourite two-wheeled companion with your favourite four-wheeled companion, that is definitely not the ideal solution.

This is because sooner or later you will use your 4X4 to travel with other people. And if you need the seating space (or you need more storage), you may have to leave your bike behind. So, why have to choose? Aside from being very convenient and opening up storage space, bike carriers will also keep your bike or bikes secure during the trip.

There are many types of bike racks, but they can be categorised into two groups – roof mount and rear mount. Moreover, a car bike carrier can hold a single bike if you are travelling solo, or more (up to 6) bikes if you want to take a few of your friends or your family with you. Roof mount bike carriers may not always be the most convenient option for 4X4s, especially if you have a roof rack for the additional storage space. And even if you don’t have it now, you may want to install one in the future. So, rear-mounted carriers may be the most suitable option.

Not all rear mount bike racks work the same way. In fact, there are many different styles and all of them come with their own advantages and disadvantages. There are hitch-mounted bike racks that can be installed by sliding into the hitch receiver, tow ball mounted bike racks installed on the tow ball or the towbar, etc. Make sure that the one you get can carry enough bikes, and is easy to install and use.

Bring Even More Stuff

No one gets a 4X4 to drive around town. Whether you use it for travelling, or you need it for your business, one of the things that set it apart from other vehicles is its spaciousness. However, whether you are going on a longer trip and you need more gear, or you need to transport something for your business or for personal reasons, there are ways to add even more storage space. One of them is to install a roof rack. Roof racks will not only provide a lot more room, but they can also carry heavy items. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can go for a permanent roof rack or you can get one that can be easily placed on the roof and removed.