The majority of vehicles until the second half of the 80s relied on a simple throttle control system. Although more advanced tech was around during that period, it didn’t become mainstream until much later. You step on the pedal and the throttle opens, allowing air to flow into the engine and mix with fuel. This causes fuel to burn and thus, generate power which results in the movement of the wheels. But soon after the 80s were gone, a new type of throttle control system occurred, the electronic throttle control. This type of system makes use of electronics instead of mechanical parts. Electrical signals are sent through wires from the accelerator pedal to the throttle body.

Instead of the throttle opening when you step on the pedal, an accelerator pedal module activates, which then turns the pressure input on the pedal into an electrical signal. Even the most advanced performance vehicles, such as the Ford Mustang have an electronic throttle controller. This is because electronic throttle control systems offer improved acceleration and fuel economy. With an aftermarket electronic throttle control Ford Mustang vehicles can perform better in different types of driving scenarios.

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What is a Throttle Control Module?

A throttle control module is a small device that gets hooked up to the accelerator pedal with the use of a connector and it takes over the function of the existing system. An electronic throttle control Ford Mustang works the same way as the stock throttle control system, except it’s a lot more customisable and can be removed and installed quite easily.

Are Throttle Controllers Safe?

If you are to use throttle controllers accordingly, then your Mustang will not experience any issues. But like the system in your Mustang, a throttle controller can be harmful to your vehicle if it produces values out of your Mustang’s approved engine power. This is why you’ll also find various types of controllers that can match the performance capabilities of your Mustang.

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Types of Throttle Controllers


If you don’t want to go to extremes with your car, then your best option is to get a basic electronic throttle control module. This type of electronic throttle controller comes with different modes you can choose from. Usually, they include the most basic modes, such as eco, normal and high or performance.

However, there are also basic controllers that come with up to 16 different settings. These allow you to even create a mode of your own, as some controllers allow you to set certain parameters according to your liking. Some even have a fourth mode called auto, which sets all the parameters as you drive your Mustang, so you don’t have to do so manually when changing your driving style.


If you want to be able to do more with a Ford Mustang electronic throttle control you should consider getting an advanced module. While advanced throttle controllers are far more expensive than basic ones, they are capable of a lot more. They come with added features such as adjusting the throttle body responsiveness and built-in video displays. The displays usually show lines of information, but there are others that come with a fully-fledged OS with menus and digital gauges. These electronic throttle controllers are also known as power programmers or tuners. But no matter what type of controller you go for, they are both easy to install.


Installing a Throttle Controller in Your Mustang

  1. The first thing to do when installing an electronic throttle controller module in your Ford Mustang is to turn off the engine if you drove it moments ago. Let your Mustang sit idle for about 10 minutes before you start installing the module.
  2. Once the 10 minutes have passed, locate the original sensor plug which is found at or around the accelerator plug and remove it. After you’ve done that, insert the adapter that comes with the module into the accelerator pedal outlet. Next, connect the sensor plug you removed from the accelerator pedal to the adapter.
  3. You can also connect the original senor plug to the adapter, and then insert the adapter into the accelerator pedal outlet. It’s up to you how you want to do things. Afterwards, mount the display or the module itself somewhere on the dashboard where it won’t be in the way of you operating your Mustang.
  4. After you’ve done all this, connect the display with the adapter cable and fix that cable using cable ties. This is done to prevent you from disconnecting the cable as it can be quite long and it can make you trip on it when exiting your Mustang.


No matter how fast or how big your car is, a throttle controller can make it run better. Be it reducing fuel consumption or increasing off-roading performance, this small module is capable of making your Mustang even better than it is.