All garden sheds are useful, since they allow you to conveniently store away your gardening tools, your bike or any other items you don’t want lying around your yard or your house, but not all of them are made equal. Material plays a vital role when it comes to how much and for low long you’ll be able to rely on your shed.


Why Choose a Metal Garden Shed?

One of the biggest advantages of metal sheds is that they are sleek and simple, perfect for matching almost any outdoor area. Affordable and low-maintenance, these metal Australian garden sheds are a true keeper since they are resistant to rot, rodents and insects and are also fire retardant. But just like with everything else, metal sheds can come in different quality levels.

Why Should You Invest in a High-Quality Metal Garden Shed?

High-Quality Metal Sheds Use Heavier Gauge Metal Panels

Metal panels are measured in gauge, whereas the lower the gauge number, the thicker the metal. According to manufacturers and constructors, the best metal sheds are usually made of panels with a 29 gauge of thickness. Thus, sticking to this number would be one of the ways to be sure that you are investing in a shed that is quality and protective. While heavier sheds might be more expensive, they have a higher wind rating and greater hail resistance.

Quality Metal Sheds Have a Stronger Frame

The heavier the frame, the sturdier the shed. So, when in the search for a strong and quality metal shed, make sure you opt for one that has a heavy-duty frame. Such frames can be designed either from wood or a heavier metal whereas the latter is easier to be shipped. Also, keep in mind that the main downside of wood is its ability to rot. Additionally, wood can also attract pests which is something you surely don’t want. Sticking to an all metal shed is the ideal option since you won’t have to do a regular pest inspection.

High-Quality Metal Sheds are Highly Secure

You’ll get the highest level of security a shed can offer by opting for a high-quality metal shed that has panelling which is securely screwed to the frame with heavy-duty screws. This is because panels that snap together are easier to pull apart. As an addition, look for a metal shed that has a lockable heavy-duty latch on the door.

Quality Metal Sheds are Pre-Painted

Getting a shed that’s already painted and coated with a protective finish is a smart move. By doing this, you can have peace of mind that the chosen shed won’t show signs of rust after the first few showers of rain. Nowadays, you have the freedom to choose from a range of colours in order to get something that matches your garden surroundings perfectly. As an addition, such sheds come with a long if not a lifetime warranty. This speaks volumes about their sturdiness. Also, in case you plan on painting your shed yourself, whether it is due to the fact that you want a different colour from what was available, or you want to cover some signs of damage, make sure you do thorough research as to achieve an even finish and avoid messing up the shed’s appearance. It all has to do with what paint to use on garden shed, what other products you’ll need, what tools you’ll need and how you’ll need to go about the process.

In the long run, investing in a quality metal shed would be more affordable than investing in a cheaper one which you will need to repair frequently or replace after a few years of use. Also, a shed that’s not capable of withstanding the elements and daily use might cost you even more down the line as some of your stored items could get damaged or easily stolen, if there isn’t enough protection. Finally, make sure you get yours from a reliable, trusted and reputable manufacturer/supplier. Finding online Australian garden sheds deals can save you both money and time without compromising on the quality of product you’re getting, if you choose it carefully, that is.