A few decades ago, the only option people had when buying new bed sheets was cotton. Nowadays, however, there is a new option on the market that beats every other material in almost every aspect – bamboo. Besides being of a much higher quality than every other option, bamboo is also sustainable. The more people are learning about the great advantages of bamboo, the more they tend to use it in their clothing and bedding.


What are bamboo sheets made out of?

A great part of bamboo sheets on the market are made from 100% bamboo viscose. This is because this fabric offers the most benefits. Bamboo viscose is not only soft but it’s also extremely durable. It is important to mention that different processes are used in the manufacturing of this material, varying in the chemicals used and their subsequent impact on the environment. So, if you decide to go for bamboo viscose, choose from manufactures that follow strict effluent treatment protocols.

Another common option is bamboo lyocell. Sheets made from this material are highly sustainable. The material is produced by dissolving raw bamboo with the use of a non-toxic solvent. While very durable, sheets made from bamboo lyocell are relatively less soft than bamboo viscose sheets. There are also sheets that are a blend of bamboo and cotton. The blend is performed in a specific ratio in order to achieve the benefits of both materials. The most common blend is 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton, but 60% bamboo viscose and 40%cotton blends can also be found. The blend of both materials tends to compromise the softness of the material.


Cotton vs Bamboo Fabric Sheets

People often wonder – what is better, cotton or bamboo sheets? A lot of people who’ve tried bamboo fabric sheets have said that they are so comfortable that they can’t imagine going back to using any other type of bedding. From offering greater durability to a range of health benefits, here is what makes bamboo fiber bed sheets better than cotton ones.

Soft and Comfortable

There are a few other fabrics that can compete with the soft, silky feel of bamboo. 300-thread-count bamboo textile is roughly equivalent to 1,000-thread-count cotton while it is also a lot more durable. The textile is also breathable and one of the best choices for young children or those with sensitive skin. Considering the fact that bamboo fabrics don’t lose their softness over time, they are the prime choice for anyone who wants total comfort and a good night’s rest.


No other material can beat the sustainability of bamboo fabric, which requires 90% less water and no pesticides to thrive. Even when highly processed, bamboo fabrics have a very low environmental footprint.

bamboo fabric bedding

Long-Lasting Durability

The manufacturing process of a cotton sheet involves short fibres being interwoven together. A bamboo bed sheet, on the other hand, is made by stretching long fibres across the entire length of the fabric. This process makes them a lot more resistant to tearing than cotton sheets. Furthermore, sheets made from bamboo cannot absorb the oils from your skin, which ensures the sheet won’t turn dull and begin to yellow with usage. You will find that your bamboo bed sheets will retain their brand-new appearance for many years to come.

Stain Resistance

Another feature that makes bamboo bed sheets better than cotton is their resistance to stains. The dense fibres combined with the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric and its ability not to absorb oil, make up a material with superior stain resistance. Not having to wash your sheets with harsh chemicals, such as bleach, will ensure that they retain their silk appearance for a long period of time.

soft bamboo sheets

Antimicrobial Properties

Sheets made from bamboo feature an outstanding microbial resistance. According to research, bamboo fabrics are more than three times more effective at combatting the formation and growth of bacterial colonies than other fabrics. This means that your sheets will never develop mould or mildew, remaining fresh and new even after extensive use. Bamboo bed sheets are one of the most hygienic forms of bedding available and the best choice for individuals who suffer from allergies.

Taking Care of Bamboo Sheets

When it comes to how to wash bamboo sheets, make sure to always use a gentle cycle with cold water. If possible, leave your organic bamboo bedding to air dry. If not, use low heat on your tumble dryer. With proper care and without the use of harmful detergents, fabric softener and bleach, your sheets will remain smelling fresh and looking good for a long time.