Most people associate lubricants with vaginal dryness only and if you are one of them it’s time to get a new perspective. In a study consisting of 2,453 women, 70% claimed that using a lubricant has made their sex experience more enjoyable and pleasurable. Yes, sex is a great way to connect with your partner but our bodies change with time and certain conditions can make sex more challenging. Regardless of your age, gender or stage in life, using a lubricant is a great way to enhance your play under the sheets.

water based and silicon based lube

But, what is lube? Technically, a lubricant is any substance that helps reduce friction. Personal lubricants contain different ingredients from those used in the mechanic industry, however, the idea is the same. Lubricant for sex is used to reduce the friction between your moving “parts”, making sex and masturbation enjoyable and easier.

Sure, it sounds simple but you may be wondering why are there so many different types of lube? Because different lubricants offer different benefits. They come in a variety of bases: silicone, water, oil and hybrid (a mix of both silicone and water-based lubes). Which one you should choose depends on your personal needs.


Silicone-based sex lubricant

silicon based lube

This type of personal sex lubricant will give your sensitive parts a silky feel. If you are looking for something more long-lasting then you may have found your perfect match because you won’t need to reapply this kind of lubricants. Also, they are waterproof, which makes them a good choice for having sex underwater as they cannot be washed off easily. They are ultra-slick which also makes them a good choice for anal sex and the fact that they are hypoallergenic means that they will not cause any allergic reaction or skin irritation. The only downside of these lubricant gels is that the silicone can deteriorate the surface of silicone toys. So, if you are using some in your bedroom, water-based lubes are a better choice.

Water-based intimate lube

girl puting lube on her hands

Water-based personal lube is very versatile as it can be used for a variety of activities. They are safe to be used with silicone toys and with both latex and non-latex condoms. They may even reduce the chances of your condom breaking. Water-based intimate lube is so popular because it doesn’t stain your sheets, it washes off easily and feels easy on the skin. Furthermore, it is perfect for masturbating with or without toys and for having sex with or without condoms. Compared to others, these lubricants are wallet-friendly but still, their price varies depending on the brand. Unlike silicone-based lube, water-based sex lubricant is not recommended to be used in the water as it can be easily washed away. It dries faster than the other alternatives and it’s a bit sticky.

Oil-based intimate lube


If you are looking for a lubricant that is seriously long-lasting and provides a silky feel, oil-based ones can be your best ally. Aside from sex, you can also use them to give your partner an erotic massage. One of their bigger downsides is that they shouldn’t be used with latex condoms because oil-based personal sex lubricant increases the chance of your condom breaking. Also, they are often accosted with higher rates of infections and may damage your expensive sheets as well.

Natural lubricants for sex


If you don’t feel safe using any of above-mentioned options, consider using natural lubricants. Look for products that have both a natural and a small number of ingredients in their content. Some of them are vegan and paraben-free without any taste or smell. If you were wondering can you use coconut oil as lube, the answer is yes. Coconut oil is a popular natural lubricant, however, keep in mind that same as oil-based products, it can also stain your sheets and lead to condom breakage. Keep your hands super clean while dipping in your jar of coconut oil and make sure you are using this jar for sex only and nothing else.

How to use lube?

water based lube

There is no right or wrong way to use sex lubricant. You want to masturbate but your body hasn’t started lubricating yet? Just apply a little bit of your chosen lubricant and you’ll be all set. You can use lube during foreplay by rubbing it on your partner’s genitals and adding more of it during sex if you start feeling uncomfortable. Even if you are wet enough, you can still use lubrication. It’s always nice having extra help on your way to climax. You can apply how much you want and wherever you want. After choosing the right one for you, you might need to warm it a little bit with your hands since lubricants can be a little cold when first applied.

When you start shopping, you will come across tons of different lubricants – warming, flavoured, tingling, natural. They all can be fun to use, but make sure your main focus is on the ingredients and the pH value.