The allure of Western-inspired fashion is timeless. From the rugged charm of cowboy culture to the enduring appeal of rodeo aesthetics, there’s something captivating about the fusion of the Wild West and modern style. At the heart of this Western chic, the iconic Ariat boots take centre stage. These boots not only offer unrivalled quality and comfort but also provide a canvas for crafting the perfect Western look. Whether you need attire for everyday wear or special occasions, you can style Ariat shoes in various ways, allowing you to make a fashion statement that’s both on-trend and undeniably chic.


Classic Cowgirl Look

cowgirl wearing Ariat boots

Styling Ariat shoes for a classic cowgirl look is all about embracing the timeless charm of Western fashion. To achieve this iconic style, start by selecting a pair of well-fitted bootcut jeans or straight-leg denim – this will provide a clean canvas for your boots to shine. Tuck those jeans into your boots, allowing the intricate details and stitching to be on full display. Next, choose a Western-style shirt, perhaps one with pearl snap buttons and a yoke design. Accessorise with a wide leather belt and a signature cowgirl hat, adding an authentic touch to your outfit.

When choosing footwear, look for features such as a pointed toe, a high shaft, and decorative stitching, which are characteristic of classic cowgirl boots. Additionally, consider the colour and material that best complements your outfit and personal style. Whether you prefer rich leather, distressed finishes, or vibrant colours, you can buy Ariat shoes in a wide range of options that suit your Western fashion needs.

Boho Chic

Creating a boho chic look with Ariat footwear allows you to infuse Western flair with a touch of bohemian charm into your style. To achieve this look, start by selecting a pair of Ariat booties or tall boots, depending on your outfit’s mood. Opt for a flowy, patterned maxi skirt or a loose-fitting, vintage-inspired floral dress. Layering is key in boho chic, so don’t hesitate to incorporate a denim jacket or a fringed vest for a cozy yet free-spirited vibe.

Accessories are pivotal in achieving this look, so pile on bohemian jewellery like layered necklaces, oversized sunglasses, and perhaps a wide-brimmed hat. A messy, relaxed hairstyle and a colourful scarf can complete the look.

Dresses and Skirts

woman wearing dress and Ariat boots

Creating a Western-inspired look by pairing dresses and skirts with Ariat boots is a charming and versatile style choice. To achieve this iconic ensemble, consider opting for a floral maxi dress or a denim skirt as the foundation of your outfit. These pieces offer a perfect blend of femininity and Western flair. When wearing dresses, select a pair of Ariat booties or tall boots, depending on the length and style of your dress or skirt.

For additional Western charm, don’t hesitate to accessorise with a statement belt that complements the boots. Layer on rustic-inspired jewellery such as turquoise pieces and finish the look with a leather or denim jacket for that rugged yet chic vibe. A Western-style hat or bandana can also be the ideal finishing touch, adding authenticity to your outfit.

Double Denim

Creating a Western-inspired ensemble by pairing Ariat footwear with double denim is a stylish and timeless fashion choice. Start with a well-fitted denim shirt or jacket as your top and complement it with a pair of classic blue jeans. The key is to mix and match different denim washes for contrast, giving your outfit depth and dimension.

To enhance the Western vibe, opt for a pair of cowgirl boots and tuck the jeans into the boots to showcase their intricate details. Add a statement belt with a bold buckle for an authentic touch. Complete the look with a cowgirl hat, and you’ve successfully created a Western-inspired outfit that balances rugged charm with contemporary style. It’s a versatile and iconic look that can be worn for various occasions, from casual outings to country-themed events.

Monochrome Elegance

For a sleek and stylish monochromatic look, start with black Ariat boots that exude both class and edge. Pair them with form-fitting black skinny jeans, creating a streamlined and modern foundation. Choose a black top to maintain the monochromatic theme, but the key to elevating this outfit is adding a pop of colour with a striking statement accessory. Whether it’s a vibrant red scarf, a bold turquoise necklace, or a bright handbag, this contrasting element not only brings life to your outfit but also draws attention to your impeccable boots. The result is a chic and versatile ensemble that effortlessly combines sophistication with a hint of daring individuality.

Lace and Leather

If your Ariat boots showcase a more feminine design, they can be an excellent complement to your outfit, offering a delicate balance to their rugged charm. Pair these boots with a lace dress or a leather skirt to achieve the desired harmony. A lace dress adds a touch of elegance and refinement to your look, while a leather skirt introduces an edgy element. The contrast between the boots and the softer fabric of the dress or skirt creates a harmonious blend of style. This combination highlights the versatility of the boots, demonstrating their ability to seamlessly transition from a rugged Western aesthetic to a more feminine and sophisticated allure.

Everyday Look

Styling Ariat footwear for an everyday look is all about versatility and comfort. Opt for a pair of Ariat boots that can effortlessly transition from practical to stylish. Pair them with well-fitted jeans or slim trousers for a classic foundation. Tuck your pants into the boots to showcase their unique detailing. On top, choose a cozy sweater, casual blouse, or a simple tee for comfort. For colder climates, try layering a denim jacket or a lightweight cardigan for added warmth and style. Accessorise with a statement belt and minimal jewellery to exude confidence, whether you’re running errands, going to work, or simply enjoying a casual day out.

Are Cowboy Boots Good for Walking?

woman wearing ariat shoes

As that song suggests, “These boots are made for walking,” the same can certainly be said for cowboy boots. However, it’s important to highlight that not all cowboy boots are created equal in terms of comfort and practicality for extended walks. This is where Ariat boots truly shine. They offer the perfect blend of style and functionality, making them both a fashion statement and a comfortable choice for walking. Whether you’re hitting the town or two-stepping through the day, Ariat footwear is designed to keep your feet happy while ensuring you’re fashionably ready for any journey.