Whether we realise it or not, we all associate memories with a certain emotion, which is exactly why we are able to remember those memories. I’m particularly interested in the positive memories, connected with the happy childhood days, and how the homes of grandparents always seem to evoke some pleasantness upon remembering them.

Okay, apart from the savoury meals of our grandmas, with the divine mouthwatering aromas, it also has to do with the interior. Whenever I see something vintage, it immediately sparks that feeling of nostalgia about all the times I’ve spent at my grandparents’, so if you ask me what my favourite interior style is, it’s vintage. I’d choose it anytime when I want to spruce up my house, and level up its homely ambiance.

What I love about vintage is the ease it fits in with any existing style your home might be covered with. Also, it doesn’t take much money or efforts to make it part of your interior; it’s all in the details! There’s the option to shake things up in any of the rooms by adding one of the many vintage clocks, and let their timeless charm do the trick.


Whether it’s making them blend in with the books and ornaments in the bookcase, or letting them strike out as accent pieces on the wall above the fireplace, there’s no going wrong with these eye-catching time pieces. The more you add them, the less chances you have of ever running late! Same as the vintage clocks, the old framed mirrors are pieces that have trapped eternal beauty in them, and they are a lovely addition just about anywhere.

Under the staircase, opposite grand windows to let more light in, opposite gorgeous lighting fixtures, or filling up monotonous walls by reflecting the beauty of certain decorating objects you’re proud of – count on a vintage mirror to do its magic of transformation. Other elements, like a detailed vase, flower baskets, or candlesticks can also immediately spread around their luxury, and you can always use them to further decorate them with ribbons for instance.

And, don’t ask me why, but I am obsessed with vintage birdcages that I love to use to express my creativity, and customise them from time to time with different flower arrangements, candles, ribbons, butterflies my kids have drawn, books, pocket watches, or pearl details; anything except birds, as I don’t like the sight of caged birds (or all animals for that matter!). Going on the quest for the vintage books around flea markets is also part of the decorating joy. Now then, what’s the ace up your sleeve in turning your house into a home? I’d love to hear some ideas!