When you walk down the aisle, you want to do so in style, and with the ideal pair of shoes, for you. Just as you choose the perfect wedding dress (with your definition of perfect), you also need to score shoes that will keep you up on your feet without killing them and ruining your mood. Yes, they should look gorgeous, but more importantly, they need to be comfortable. After all, you will be standing on your feet during the ceremony and dancing at the reception for hours in them.

If you find it a bit puzzling as to where to start when you set off on your quest for the exquisite wedding shoes AU stores can offer, then let’s go through some points that can help you make the right decision. What do you need and expect from them? Are you comfortable buying bridal shoes online, or do you prefer to try them on? If you do order them online, can you replace them if the size doesn’t fit you?

exquisite wedding shoes
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Give yourself enough time to look around, and don’t leave this decision until the last moment if you want to avoid the stress of having the wrong shoes. There are perfect wedding shoes for you out there, you just need to find them.


Heels, Flats, or Both?

What do you normally wear? Start there. If you have mastered chasing the bus or pulling off a night out in the club on high heels, then you can probably go through the wedding day as well. Keep in mind, you will be wearing them at least twice or three times longer than you usually do, so even if you are used to heels, try to find a comfortable pair.

For those of you who always wear flats or trainers, this is hardly the time for your first pair of heels. Plus, you want to stay true to yourself. You can find beautiful flats or platform heels that can go with your dress, and you will have the freedom to dance as much as you like. Consider the length of your dress, though, it might need shortening.

If, however, you think it’s important to have some height and you simply love how they look on you, then practise wearing them before the big day. This will give you a chance to break into the new pair and give you some confidence. Now, just in case, and this is something a lot of brides do, have a backup pair. That’s right—a second pair that you can change into if necessary. This way, you can have the four-inch stilettos for the photoshoot and the ceremony and later switch to something more comfortable for the reception and the dance floor.

satin flat mule wedding shoes with embellished strap
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White, Nude, or Sparkling?

White might be the traditional colour for brides, and it looks great on darker skin tones, but pure white on fair-tanned girls can have a washed look. This is where the ivory hue comes in. Besides being a trendy replacement for white, the many shades of ivory can complement all skin tones perfectly. The same is true for champagne and nude tones as part of the more classic look.

However, if you want to add a bit of intrigue to your footwear, something more unusual might do the trick. Some brides choose blue shoes in different shades as their ‘something blue’, while others like to reflect their personality with bold colours or sparkly diamonds.

If you want to wear the shoes again on different occasions, sparkly sequins might not be the best option, but if you are going for an extra special pair, you can even have them customised with your monograms and the wedding date. That way, you will certainly have one-of-a-kind pair.

Modern or Vintage?

If you have decided on a romantic dress that reminds of the 50s or 20s styles, then complement the gown with a pair of shoes from the same era. This will give you consistency and make the look complete. Kitten heels or lace models look great with vintage dresses, and if you have opted for a jazzy 1920s one, then pair it with some sparkly bridal shoes or a pair that has stunning embellishments.

sheer white lace wedding shoes with ribbon bows and pointed toes
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Modern gemmed high heels will catch the eye if you are wearing a minimalistic dress, but if your gown is a statement piece, then clean and sophisticated shoes will give it some balance.

The Venue, The Weather

As more couples decide on outdoor weddings, be it on the beach or a grass lawn, it’s important to think about how your shoes will hold up in these environments. Can you really hold your stride with high heels sticking in the sand or dirt? Or the uncomfortable feeling of having gravel get inside the shoe through the open toes? Keeping in mind what kind of location you have for the wedding will help you pick the suitable pair so you can walk gracefully and with confidence.

Another practical point to consider is the season and weather, especially if you are having an autumn or winter wedding. No matter how beautiful they look, those satin shoes will be ruined after the first few raindrops. And if the temperatures are going down, you don’t want to be wearing sandals and freeze.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of options except the classic styles, and when you shop for wedding shoes AU wide, keep in mind – this is your day. If you want to show off your quirky personality then don’t let rules stop you. There are no rules when it comes to feeling comfortable – put on a pair of sneakers or cowgirl boots if that’s who you really are and enjoy the day.