There’s no denying timber flooring has a unique timeless charm. It’s a synonym for tradition, luxury, and natural beauty. However, it’s also an expensive investment. If you want the look of timber flooring in your home, but your budget won’t allow it, engineered timber flooring might be the right choice for you.

Engineered flooring is considered the perfect alternative for homeowners who want the look of timber flooring but can’t afford the real thing. Unlike traditional hardwood, which is made from wood obtained from trees, engineered timber flooring is a more complex product that consists of different layers including:

  • Outermost layer – a hardwood veneer which is a thin slice of timber wood;
  • Inner layers – layers made of plywood, high-density fiberboard, or hardwood.

The bottom layers of the floor make it more stable than traditional hardwood while the outer veneer adds beauty and authenticity to the floor. Because the top layer of engineered floor is made of real hardwood, it brings warmth to the home just like solid wood, but for a fraction of the price of solid hardwood.

Although engineered timber flooring looks like hardwood, it acts a little different, which is actually considered an advantage. Due to its construction, this flooring doesn’t contract and expand to the same extent as solid wood. This means it suits areas where solid wood doesn’t, like kitchens and bathrooms where moisture levels and temperature range greatly.

And unlike other flooring options that also imitate the look of real wood, like laminate, engineered flooring can be sanded, enabling you to bring you floor back to life when it starts to wear out. The number of times you will be able to sand your floor depends on the thickness of the top layer.

Once the floor is re-sanded, it can be refinished again to protect it and achieve a new look again. This also means you will be able to change the look of your floor if you want too, offering a chance of a new décor scheme.

On top of all the advantages mentioned above, engineered flooring is also easy to install and may even be a DIY project for those with some skills. Thanks to its click system, the installation process can be completed in no time, requiring only a few tools.

High-quality engineered timber flooring will cost you somewhere between $35 to $75 per square meter. Don’t forget to add the cost of delivery and installation (unless you can install it on your own) as to find out much your new flooring will really cost you.