Growing up reading the Victorian classics of the greats, such as Charles Dickens, George Eliot, the Brontë sisters, Elizabeth Gaskell, the Romantic Era poems and the unforgettable works of the Roaring Twenties, also known as the Jazz Age, I fell in love with bygone worlds. At that time I was ashamed to admit I felt like I didn’t belong in the present moment, constantly having the feeling I should have been born in worlds gone by, but now that I’m mature enough I know better and know there are many more passionate souls out there like me sharing the same thoughts. It wasn’t always easy to make peace with the fact that time machines were only existent as ideas and not actual machines in the likes of vehicles, easily taking us from point A to point B.


I hadn’t given up on staying close to the spirit of past worlds, and this wish has certainly been all I needed to get my creativity on fire. It all started with my grandmother giving me a jewellery box that was passed down from woman to woman, generation to generation, in my family. That’s when I knew vintage was my style, and it deserved more than just getting immersed in the stories of books, I had to get immersed in my surroundings by tailoring them into the worlds I wish I belonged in. Sure, implementing the vintage clothing style seemed bold enough, but it still felt like something was missing, so I began working on my interior décor as well, with my home being the canvas where I could have the freedom to express my vintage passion. Though I’ve had my share of rocking chairs, intricate bookcases and embroidered cushions, pendant lights were the ones that have won my heart.

There’s something about seeing metal and exposed bulbs that makes me want to love these pendant lights and this style all the more. They speak of utility and ornamentation without making it seem like you’re trying too hard, and they are the perfect light fittings for every occasion. What’s interesting is the fact this wasn’t even considered a style back in the days of industrial revolution but part of the everyday life of Jane and John Does. Then again, what would vintage light fittings be if not for the everlasting beauty of chandeliers, right? While I incorporated the industrial style pendant light fittings for my dining room and study, I wanted to make grand entrance really grand so I brought chandeliers into the game. They are the perfect match for my hallway vintage coat hangers and rug.

It’s incredible how much following one’s passion can enrich one’s life. I can now proudly say I’ve become a connoisseur of vintage pendant light fittings that I can write books about them, their setting up and their maintenance – not in the likes of Only Fools and Horses’ Del and Rodney, of course. The point you should take from my story is to go wherever your passion is and give vintage style a go, you won’t be disappointed.