There’s nothing better than soaking up the sun of warm spring days, especially if you have adopted a rather sedentary lifestyle (then again who hasn’t) and don’t spend much time in the company of nature and fresh air. This also means it’s the perfect opportunity for trips to the beach whenever you get the chance and I can’t think of a better way to enjoy it than rides with a cruiser bike. This bike has been around for decades, a product of Ignaz Schwinn and his company with its beginnings dating back to the 1930s. Right after its first appearance, the cruiser reached the peak of popularity in the 50s because this kind of bicycle perfectly matched riders’ lifestyles.

The reason for the popularity was due to the affordability which was also the primary intention of Schwinn, coming up with a bike model that would be the cheaper alternative, one that many could afford, than the expensive sports types. This hasn’t changed even today, and though it might seem popularity has waned, the cruiser is having its great comeback specifically because of the design that provides a comfortable leisurely ride, just as a ride is supposed to be. Along with the everlasting trend among beachgoers thanks to the wider wheels that easily conquer sand, this bike is also ideal for casual and commuter riders alike. Though it’s not exactly considered as the bike for hilly areas, latest vintage cruiser bicycle models are designed to make use of latest technology which means they can also be found in a three gear option for instance and not just the standard single gear.


The curved and iconic appeal makes this bike suitable for both men and women, who have the option of choosing from the various unisex, men and women models. What’s specific for these bikes is the increased stability they provide which is where the comfort stems from, giving riders the chance to really enjoy the ride thanks to the upright riding position that improves posture and health in general, so having a vintage cruiser bicycle can help you straighten the spine, just what the doctor ordered for office workers and couch potatoes. Upright riding position is possible because of the position of handlebars, placed higher and wider than with other bicycles, thus they are closer to the rider. Another feature adding to the comfort is the comfortable seat.

Once you get your cruiser bike, you won’t have to worry about maintenance much and you can consider it money well spent since this bike is designed for durability, made from lightweight and rust-free materials such as aluminium and alloy. The style characteristic for this bike is a reason plus it should upgrade your bike collection, no matter whether you have another vintage type or a sports one. You have the opportunity of customising it and expressing your personality through the use of decorations. Grab your cruiser and enjoy the ride!