One of the most widely spread myths about vegans is that following a plant-based diet will make you drop weight, regardless of what you eat. And not only is this very false, but vegans can also be struggling with excess weight, especially with the vast of vegan chips, cookies and cakes on the market.

However, as long as you’re disciplined, it’s not impossible to get rid of those extra kilograms while consuming vegan-friendly foods. This is why we put together a couple of very simple tips that will help you on your weight loss journey.


Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Protein


When aiming to lose weight, the greatest mistake you can do is to cut your protein intake. Not only will proteins reduce your hunger hormone and boost several satiety hormones, but they’ll also speed up your metabolism and help you lose body fat without losing any muscle.

And as much as proteins are very important for losing weight, it’s not uncommon for people following a vegan diet to struggle to get enough protein. And this is considerable if we mention the fact that the richest sources of proteins are exactly meat and dairy products. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t reach your daily protein dose intake as a vegan, as there’re many vegan-friendly alternatives to animal-based products.

Talking about replacing proteins that come from animal sources, don’t hesitate to get a vegan supplement protein powder to support you on your weight loss journey. As their name states, these powders use the protein of powerful plants such as golden peas, rice, beans and different seeds. On top of that, they’re additionally packed with branched amino acids, probiotics, digestive enzymes and adaptogens.

And not only are these vegan supplements the best alternative to animal sources of protein, but they have also been shown to provide more fibre and contain fewer unwanted additives than animal-based proteins. This is one of the number one reasons that they’re consumed even by people who aren’t following a vegan diet.

However, many people would be oppressed and reserved when it comes to consuming a vegan supplement for weight loss, as they tend to be bland, grassy and lack a rich texture. Have in mind that this isn’t the case with all of them, as nowadays, many vegan fitness supplements are sweetened with natural ingredients such as Monk Fruit or Stevia Leaf Extracts and have smooth and creamy textures even without containing any fillers or artificial ingredients.

Cut Refined Sugar

Sugar in wooden spoon

It doesn’t mean that you’re following a healthy diet just because you’re being vegan. As we already mentioned, the market nowadays is packed with a vast of vegan junk food such as different snacks and candies. And as much as you regularly check the ingredient lists and buy small servings to consume fewer calories, have in mind that sugar is often hidden under different names we don’t even realize it’s sugar.

This is why it’s advised to completely cut refined sugar and get a natural sugar substitute to assist you on your weight loss journey instead. Luckily, many vegan-friendly sugar substitutes are both healthy and taste exceptionally good.

For instance, stevia is one of the most popular natural sugar substitutes many vegans go for. And it’s not even surprising, considering that the stevia plant has powerful medicinal properties and tastes way sweeter than actual sugar. This way, you won’t only use a lot less sweetener and consume fewer calories, but you’ll also contribute to lowering your blood sugar levels and your blood pressure.

Except for natural sweeteners extracted from stevia leaf, monk fruit sweeteners are also a popular alternative among vegans. This sweetener gets its sweetness from the antioxidant called mogroside, which is very powerful for reducing inflammations. When it comes to weight loss, monk fruit sweeteners are completely free of calories and carbs which won’t only positively impact your blood glucose and insulin levels, but you’ll also get to sweeten your food and beverages without feeling guilty.

Finally, coconut sugar has taken over vegan people worldwide as the best alternative to refined sugar. And not only does it feature a low glycemic index that won’t spike your blood sugar levels, but coconut sugar is also very rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and vitamin B. On top of that, coconut sugar also tastes sweeter than refined cane sugar, meaning you can easily get the same amount of sweetness without worrying that you’re contributing to those extra kilograms.

Stick to Drinking Water

Woman drinking water

Finally, we all know that consuming the recommended dose of water is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy weight. And as much as there’re many tastier and sweeter vegan-friendly alternatives to water such as pure fruit juices, it’s best not to “waste” your calories on what you drink, and consume pure water when aiming to lose weight. By consuming pure water, you’re helping your liver work more efficiently and enhancing the fat burning process in your body.

However, many people can’t stand the plain taste of water. And there’s nothing wrong with it since you can always give your water a pop of flavour with vegan-friendly natural water enhancers. Such enhancers don’t only come in a bunch of different fruity flavours, but they also contain zero sugars and calories and are packed with vitamins and mineral salts to boost your immune system.

Except for encouraging you to have the recommended water intake, such natural flavour enhancers are the ideal replacement for artificial juices, vegan-friendly sodas and unhealthy beverages that are rich in refined sugars, calories and a bunch of other ingredients that contribute to weight gain.