If you have always considered gardening the most relaxing of all hobbies, but you cannot see yourself as the creator of a small green heaven due to certain limitations, such as time and suitable space, you need to stop and take a second look. I bet you’ve noticed that some people do manage to grow beautiful plants on their balconies. You think that this is all due to a tight schedule and robotic routine? Wrong. Sometimes our insecurities and lack of information get the best of us and we miss out on great solutions and ideas. The future is now. We may not all be able to own a decent piece of land, but we can surely take advantage of one great invention of the 21st century – the self watering planters.


It’s sure a huge relief to realize that apart from suitable gardening gear, you don’t need any previous experience in gardening. In contrast with the past when you needed many different sized planters, gardening tools and many watering canisters, today, you only need a few urban garden planter boxes, and half of your work is done. These self-watering planters are designed for growing a wide range of herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers, so just take your pick, buy the proper seed and let the adventure begin.

These contemporary self-watering white planters are compact and practical, so you don’t have to own a large backyard or patio, as they can be placed on your balcony or small terrace without any inconvenience. Their protected surface allows you to put them wherever you need, even indoors if the plant requires a special room temperature.

The utterly futuristic design of the urban garden planter boxes allows you to connect a few additional modules if you ever decide to enlarge your soon-to-be green heaven. And even though you are busy and preoccupied with numerous obligations most of the time, thanks to the white planters’ built-in water reservoirs, you can truly relax and never worry whether the plants are watered or not – the planters will do the watering for you and you’ll only need to refill it every 10 days or so. They are also pretty stylish due to their contemporary design that is sure to steal a few glances and leave your guests in awe.

Depending on the size of your gardening place and the type of plants you’re going to grow, you’ll decide on the number of self-watering plants you need. Having a modern green space will soon become your passion, since the responsibilities are just a few, however, the benefits are numerous. With a little eagerness and patience, you’ll soon enjoy spending all of your free time gardening.