We all know that the urban lifestyle has robbed us of many precious activities and possibilities, including the one of having and caring for our own edible garden. Some of the millions of urban dwellers have never had the chance to see where and how their food grows, which is one of the countless reasons people have started using their creativity (as well as their cramped city apartments and balconies) to take control of what’s on their plate. Yes, I’m talking about the popular and relatively new practice of urban gardening.

Nowadays, more and more nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts who live and work in a big city are cultivating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, both indoors and outdoors, using hanging baskets, window boxes, trellises, and self-watering vegetable growing containers. These are perhaps four of the easiest and smartest ways of utilizing small city spaces and turning them into bountiful urban gardens.

When it comes to growing edible plants successfully, knowledgeable gardeners will advise you not to be hasty when choosing the fruits and vegetables you and your loved ones wish to plant and eat, as some of them are very difficult to take care of, especially for beginners and individuals with a busy daily routine. So, if you are eager to experience the joy of looking after your own garden for the very first time in your life, then I believe that you should start with several easy-to-grow-and-maintain edible plants and slowly work your way up from there.


Strawberries and tomatoes are, in my opinion, the most rewarding fruit plants a person could devote their time and energy to (that’s right, tomatoes are fruit), for they both usually yield a large number of fruits. Yes, they do need regular watering and rich & warm soil in order to thrive, but trust me, once you get the hang of them, you will be glad you made them a part of your beloved urban garden.

However, a few strawberry and cherry tomato planters are simply not enough to satisfy your dietary needs. That’s why you might want to consider the option of buying several vegetable growing containers and start cultivating lettuce, beet, kale, and green beans. All of these delicious and extremely healthy veggies can be easily grown both inside and out, which means that nothing stands in your way of planting them and preparing your favourite vegetarian and vegan dishes when they are ready to be harvested. Well, except for your will (or the lack of it).

Let me end this article by reminding you that consuming fresh and, if possible, organic produce on a daily basis is immensely important to our overall health. Yes, we can buy such fruits and vegetables at a local farmer’s market, but we all know that they are quite expensive. Growing our own food at home, on the other hand, when done carefully, can prove to be really economical.