If there’s one thing that gets your excitement going, it’s your undying love for cars. And not just any cars, but scale models of your favourite real-life vehicles. It’s a challenging yet rewarding hobby that can help you grow your passion and interests. Imagine having all of your favourite car types at the tip of your fingertips, giving you the chance to get all up-close and personal by examining all the minor details. Sounds like every kid’s dream, don’t you think?

But even so, collecting and assembling model kits isn’t anything new. Some might even consider building scale models as a vintage hobby, considering how many active collectors there are in the bunch. It makes sense because they’re more than just your average toy – they’re extremely detailed and realistic representations of some of the most iconic vehicles. Who could resist the temptation of trying out this trend?


What Are Scale Model Kits?

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Before jumping in, let’s do a quick overview of what scale models are all about. Essentially, they’re three-dimensional replicas of various vehicles from a range of eras. So not only can you get your hands on some of the most popular cars today, you’ll have the privilege of landing a few vintage kinds from way back when. Sure, some of them are rare and hard to find but just think about how rewarding it would be to finally have them in your collection? Nothing comes close to that exhilarating feeling.

Another interesting thing to note is the vast number of sizes available. When browsing through lifelike model kits online, you’ll notice that they can go anywhere from 1:8 and all the way to 1:87. One particular size, also known as the collector’s edition, is 1:43, which means that it’s 43 times smaller than the actual car. However, if you like paying attention to detail, you should consider getting something larger, as in the 1:12 kit.

Keep in mind that, the bigger the vehicle, the heftier the price tag. Think about how much you’re actually willing to spend on your new hobby since you likely won’t stop at just one collectible. Building and maintaining your collection might seem like a long journey but the payoff is incredible at the end.

How Do You Assemble Scale Model Kits?

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Regardless of which size you get, they all come with the bare necessities pre-packed, along with detailed instructions on what you need to do. Your job is to put them all together to reveal the final product.

Pro tip – many kits have a specific skill level noted on the packaging. If you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to keep things simple until you get the hang of it. Don’t worry, you’ll surely turn into an expert in no time.


You don’t need to whip out a whole toolbox to get this done but you’ll definitely require a file, a hobby knife, a pair of scissors as well as sanding to go through the assembly. Oh and glue. Lots and lots of glue.

Don’t forget to wear a mask the entire time either. While the glue isn’t toxic by any means, the constant smell gets a little annoying after a while.

Paints and Finishing Supplies

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Some kits are already painted when you get them, others give you the freedom to do it yourself. If the kit you have falls in the latter category, you should stock up on some paint before you begin the assembly. Spray paint is recommended since it’s much easier to handle and saves up on time.

What Kinds of Scale Model Kits Are There?

Last but certainly not least, here’s a shortlist of some of the most memorable kits you’ll come across during your collector’s journey.


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Starting from old-school classic models to some of the most powerful race cars to date, there’s no denying the sheer variety of options. Wherever your preferences lay, you’re certainly in for a real treat once you start looking through model kits online.


Now, this is the perfect hobby for a biker. If you’ve got a keen eye for detail and finesse, coupled with lots of patience and determination, you’ll manage to assemble any kit you lay your hands on. That’s definitely worth giving a shot.


This one goes out to all fellow history enthusiasts out there since it’s a real joy to witness the most renowned vehicles used throughout the years up close and personal. The tanks are a personal favourite, with the insane attention to detail and accurate representation being standout features.


Devan McDaniel, 26, finds a spot to line up his remote controlled plane to await a chance to fly during the 12th Annual Warbird Fly-In on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018, at the Space City RC Club in Katy, Texas.

Since the vast majority of us will never actually get to see an aircraft in real life, might as well start collecting some realistic replicas as the next best thing. The good news is, some kits can be remote controlled which means you’ll be thrust into a simulation that closely resembles its real-world counterpart. Doesn’t that sound exciting?


For fans of naval adventures, you’ll surely take pride in building an exquisite boat collection to match your enthusiasm. These practical and functional models offer a detailed insight into the way each boat is constructed and operated.


Let’s just say you get some of those larger-scale models. Wouldn’t it be nice to top off the final product with a few scaled-down versions of people to make it seem more realistic? That would definitely paint a full picture indeed.