Preparing for a new cat is quite similar to welcoming a baby. Besides preparing yourself mentally for all the good and bad sides of having a pet (scratched furniture and hair everywhere), you should also stock up on the needed essentials.


Essential Cat Supplies

Cat Bed

Let’s be honest here – no one likes sleeping on the floor or on the couch and not having their own bed – the same goes for cats as well. They love having a napping spot and having its own bed will make your cat feel safe and secure. Unlike dogs, who like to chew, you won’t have that kind of problem with your cat, so you can pick any type of bed you like.

However, practice shows that cats like to snuggle and sleep on warm and soft beds around a place that makes them feel safe. For this purpose, you should look at the many furry pillow-like and soft cat beds Australia cat owners state. These beds can provide your little feline with the needed warmth and protection. Except for this basic type of bed, you can also check the more modern cat beds Australia market abounds with. These include options like igloo beds which are usually made of smooth polyester fabric, while on their inside there is a furry and soft pillow bed in order to meet your cat’s needs. The best thing about pillow beds is that they are machine washable, which makes them extremely easy to clean and maintain.


Besides the type and material, you should also think of the bed’s shape. For this purpose, you should observe your cat’s behaviour. If it likes to curl up and sleep like that, then it’s best to invest in a round bed. In case it likes to stretch out a lot while sleeping in different positions, then you can invest in a rectangular or oval type of bed.

Regardless of the type of bed you choose, chances are, your cat might still pee on it. And if you’re wondering ‘how to stop cats from peeing on bed’ is to place the litter box in a good location and train your cat to pee in it. Although new cats can pee everywhere because they’re not trained, there are some other things that can cause accidents to happen. So, before making any assumptions, you should target them so you could be able to stop them.

Litter Box

As we already mentioned, a litter box is a fundamental product that you should have in your home for your new cat. Even if you already have another cat, make sure each has its own litter box. That way, your new cat will easily get used to peeing in its own litter box without making a problem. Regarding the type, you can choose from the many self-cleaning litter boxes that have a mechanism raking away the dirty litter after your cat. While this sounds very handy, you should know that these litter boxes are quite expensive and the sound of the mechanism can frighten your cat. This would be a problem that you’ll have to deal with, as your cat might develop fear from peeing in any other litter box. Besides this, you can invest in the modern version of the hooded litter box that gives cats some kind of privacy, or you can invest in the good old plain plastic box with a kitty litter inside.

Invest in Calming Essential Oils


Moving into a completely new home with a new family can be stressful, especially for your little feline. A lot of cats need more time and help to adjust to their new homes and besides showing them some extra love, you can also use aromatherapy and diffuse an essential oil that will mimic a cat’s calming pheromones. That way, your cat will start feeling more safe and secure. Particular essential oils can also be used when your cat is feeling anxious for some reason or you can also use them for treating car anxiety and stress when travelling. Some of the most popular essential oils that do their job perfectly in calming your little friend are the all-time-favourite lavender, geranium and frankincense essential oils.

One of the most popular properties of lavender essential oil is its ability to calm the senses and evoke a feeling of relaxation. Well, besides evoking such feelings in humans, it’s said that lavender essential oil can achieve the same results in cats as well. So, every time your cat gets anxious and stressed, you can drop a few drops of lavender essential oil in the diffuser, turn it on and let the smell spread around your home and calm your cat. This will have a great effect on yourself as well, especially if you need to unwind and relax after a stressful day.

Geranium is another great alternative for calming your cat senses when under stress and experiencing some terrified for it situations. Besides geranium, you can also invest in frankincense essential oil which can act the same way as the two aforementioned essential oils. It’s also said that cardamom, spearmint, cedarwood and helichrysum can also be very beneficial when it comes to calming your cat. Aside from being used in a diffuser, you can use them topically when diluted with a carrier oil .

When looking for essential oils online, make sure to find a supplier that can provide you with natural and pure essential oils. So, before you buy the ideal combination of calming and pure essential oils online, make sure you pick a reputable supplier.

Scratching Post


It’s in cats’ nature to scratch things, so if you want to spare your furniture from being scratched, you should pamper your little cat with a scratching post. Whenever your cat needs to scratch, it can learn that the scratching post is the ideal thing that can help with the urge. When choosing the right one, make sure to choose scratching post that is tall enough so your cat could stand on her hind legs without a problem. The chosen one should be sturdy and made of durable materials that won’t tear after several uses.