Whether you are a professional athlete, an avid regular gym visitor, or a person who has a healthy lifestyle, you surely use a shaker. It keeps your protein dose safe and sound, and is your inevitable everyday assistant. But, if the old one has become too small, or developed a strange smell, it’s time for a new one. Here are some useful tips about the general qualities a perfect protein shaker should possess.

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First Define the Need

With so many different products on the market, sometimes it is really difficult and time-consuming to choose a high-quality and practical bottle shaker that will be the real solution for your needs. That’s why, when you are looking to buy a new shaker cup, your first step should be to exactly define what you will use it for. 

Do you need it just for one dose of your supplement pack shake that you will take for a faster recovery after the training, or maybe you will sip your favourite smoothie all day long, for breakfast, brunch, and lunch? Will you go for a run with it, or it will stay in your car while you are doing the shopping? Decide and follow through. 

Size: Is Bigger Always Better?

No, it isn’t. When it comes to shaker bottles, your specific needs dictate the choice. The preparation of one small protein serving needs the smallest cup of 400 ml. If you need the bottle to drink water, or juices all day round, then choose the 2L jug. A run in the park asks for a smaller cup that is easy to hold, while gym training gives you more options.  

The standard protein shaker sizes start with 400ml cups and then go up, to 500, 600, 828ml, 1.3L, and some in-between. Just buy a protein shaker that is at least 100 or 200 ml larger than your smallest serving. You will need the extra space to mix the ingredients well. 

Bottle Shapes: Classical and the New Round 

The old classical shaker shape is a flat-bottom cylinder that can stand on a regular, even surface. However, these shakers have a small problem. The protein powder doesn’t mix so well in the corners, so there is always a small residue of the drink staying there. And if you forget your bottle in the car after the gym session, as it happens, when you next open it, the bacteria will have already done their job, and the bottle will be smelly.  

Here Comes the Future

But, there’s no place for worry. The times are a-changin’, as old Bob would say, and today you can find bottle shaker models that are so innovative in the design that look like perfect aerodynamic shaker rockets for a mission to Mars. 

The new round shaker models don’t have any inside edges and are constructed in a way that you can mix your shake even without any mixing parts inside. The cleaning process is easy and fast, you just rinse the bottle and there is no residue. Plus, they look so great that you can take them even to high-style social events, or use them as a fashion accessory. 

source: health.com

Materials: The Quality You Prefer

Plastic (Eastman Tritan et al.)

Most shaker bottles are plastic, and there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as the bottle you choose is BPA and phthalate-free. These dangerous types of plastic release bad chemicals into your shake, so always check the material specifications and look for food-grade plastics. 

If you want a high-quality food-grade plastic, look for Eastman Tritan, or PTA. A bit more expensive, but worth the money. Eastman Tritan plastic is extremely durable, transparent, odour and stain-resistant, and it’s a guarantee that your drink, whether it is a shake or a smoothie, will keep its original taste and smell. 

Stainless Steel, Insulated Shaker Bottles

You can’t destroy them, so they are worth investing a little bit more, for a long-time use. Generally better than the plastic versions, they can also be insulated (with double walls and vacuum in-between) and keep your drink cold and refreshing for up to 24 hours. Perfect for hot summer days, or hot gym environments. 

Glass Shaker Bottles

Glass is the perfect material, but these shaker bottles are heavier to hold and easier to break. However, for those people who enjoy the purity of a glass protein shaker, there are bottles encased in protective silicone sleeves to prevent breaks in case of bumps and rolls. 

Mixing Parts: Balls, Springs, and Mini Motors

Well, the old days of balls and springs as mixing mechanisms in shakers are almost gone. Most of the less expensive models still use them, but the technology advances, and today there are cups with mini motors that perfectly blend the substances. 

If you still decide on an older model, keep in mind that the ball makes too much noise, and for whisks, look for ones made of surgical-grade stainless steel that cuts through all ingredients, no matter the density. These whisks don’t rust, chip, or tumble out, and can stay in the protein cup shaker while you drink your protein or smoothie. 

The Lid Is Important, too

You don’t want your precious potion splashed around the kitchen or half-poured out into your gym bag, do you? That’s why, you have to firmly screw the lid onto the base. The flip-cap bottles are securely closed when you press the flip-cap down and hear the audible snap. The twist-cap bottles are simpler, you just make a quarter turn and the lid is secure. In any case, choose bottle shakers with well-designed, high-quality lids with a spout guard. 

source: eatsens.com

Design: Simplicity or Marvel Super Heroes

Oh, the marvels of different designs. Protein shaker cups or bottles come in all variants possible. Sleek and smooth, stainless steel bottles with sophisticated elegance, transparent or matte, in all possible styles and colours. 

If you are a woman, do you want to be a Disney Princess or a Wonder Woman? The men can choose from Captain America, through The Office’s Dwight Schrute, to Horror Villains from Friday the 13th, and so many more. Personal logos, custom designs, there are infinite choices, just buy your new shaker, make the mix, and head to the gym.