Your bathroom is a haven where you can shut off from the rest of the world! But to create a functional and harmonious plan you will love and give yourself some much-needed “me time,” every element in it must work together, from flooring and colour schemes to furniture and sanitary equipment. In this regard, traditional bathrooms unite modern bathroom ideas, technology and amenities with the elegant and timeless shapes and patterns of traditional decor.

Whether you are remodelling the family bathroom or coming up with a design by classical architecture, the following bathroom décor ideas will inspire your traditional design while also making you aware of the unique challenges of the bathroom environment.

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Create Worth to Remember Focal Point with the Bathtube


Undoubtedly, luxury traditional bathtubs will take your timeless bathroom decor to the next level! When narrowing down your choices, curved and claw-foot bathtubs are so hard to beat and your safest bet for bringing in the timeless vibe.

A claw-foot tub blends well with both the classical theme and the aristocratic interpretation of traditional bathroom design. Traditionally, ball and claw, a royal ball and claw, lion paw, and monarch are found on the feet of claw foot tubs. Deco, modern, and Shaughnessy foot styles are available on some tub models, though.

Moreover, there are single and double-ended claw foot styles. The single-ended tub is oval, but square at one end and rounded at the other to support your back, neck, and head. It can stand on its own or lean against a wall. Depending on where you plan to place it in the bathroom, they are frequently paired with a deck-mounted, freestanding, or wall-mounted faucet. They are also simple to adapt with a shower conversion kit.

Double-ended designs, on the other hand, are rounded at both ends. These traditional tubs range in size from being big enough to bathe on either end to comfortably seating two bathers. They have a side-mounting faucet and a central drain configuration. For an opulent daily bathing refuge, we advise using this traditional bath with a deck-mounted tub faucet.

In terms of style, the finishes and colour of your bath also matter. White, chrome, brushed nickel, polished nickel, polished brass, and oil-rubbed bronze are the most popular foot finishes. Although a mixed metal look has been popular over the past few years, many designers still opt to match the tub and restroom hardware finish to the feet. For creating a focal point that is worth remembering, opt for painted traditional bathtubs instead of the common white ones.

Use Double Console Basin to Add Opulence

Double Console Basin

You can use symmetry as a clever trick in interior design to create a balanced, functional appearance for your traditional bathroom. And, symmetry and functionality come together in a twin basin, giving you and your companion more than enough room to get ready in the morning.

When shopping for the perfect timeless design think of a stainless-steel finish with complementary taps that allow the richly coloured marble top to do the talking.

Think about the Colour Schemes

traditional bathtub in bathroom with plants and bathroom essentials

Colours are essential to the design of any area. There are numerous options for bathroom colour schemes from which to choose. However, keep your hues scheme minimal for a vintage aesthetic. To achieve balance, combine a strong hero hue with softer neutrals like white, cream, or beige.

Paint finishes are yet another crucial factor to take into account when painting a restroom. Choose a bathroom-specific formula because it will be able to resist the humid environment. To keep your bathroom looking elegant without the upkeep required by standard paint, take into account a mould-resistant formula.

Create Character Underfoot

the old-fashioned  hexagonal vintage tiles in the bathroom

Figuring out the flooring option is one of the major challenges homeowners faces with traditional bathrooms. Bathroom flooring needs to be soft underfoot, especially for bare feet, have high levels of slip resistance, be impervious to water infiltration, and not swell or warp in humid environments.

In other words, choose floor tiles over any other type of bathroom flooring. When properly installed, they provide the best water resistance and will keep water from penetrating your floorboards. Tiles offer the ideal fusion of practicality and style, and they shine in wet rooms or bathrooms that must withstand the splashes and spills of children’s bath time.

When it comes to style, the old-fashioned octagonal and hexagonal vintage tiles rank among the sharpest and cleanest traditional designs. Not only do they hypnotically calm the mind, but they are also simple to maintain. They are available in ceramic and stone styles, differing only in form and size, and are typically painted in whites and greys to emphasize the design’s understated elegance.

Implement Historical Decor Pieces

Traditional bathroom decor

Traditional design, as its name implies, is rooted in the past. Therefore, incorporating vintage or antique items into your decor is the best way to bring traditional bathroom ideas into your house.

This could be accomplished by emphasizing original plasterwork or rafters and making them a focal point of the room. If your bathroom does not have any original architectural features, you can still achieve the same effect by including antique furnishings and accessories in the design. Selecting a few statement antiques, such as glassware, cabinets, or bathroom mirror ideas, will give your space an immediate sense of history.

The Devil Is in the Details

Even though your emphasis will naturally be on the bathroom’s larger features like baths, brassware, flooring, and tiling, smaller details shouldn’t be ignored. Cut flowers in silver vases, polished nickel hardware, silver-plated brushes, and hand mirrors are all great restroom accents that can be found at vintage resellers.