Your wedding day is probably one of the most important days in your life and you want it to be perfect. Besides the wedding dress and suit, the right décor can make this day that much more magical.

Every year, there are new popular décor styles that couples rage about. However, with so many choices, it’s easy to get carried away. You can use lanterns, urns, confetti, or chandeliers for decorating the space but you need to decide on the overall style or theme of the wedding as well. Having to make all of these decisions is stressful and a little help is always welcome.


Décor Items for Every Wedding Celebration

Wedding paper lanterns


Paper Lanterns for Creating a Magical Atmosphere

At first, paper lanterns may strike you as a weird choice for wedding decorations but their versatile nature makes them one of the best options for this purpose. They come in so many different colours and sizes that you’ll be able to find party paper lanterns to complement every wedding style.

First of all, they’re affordable. If you have a budget that you need to keep to, sometimes it isn’t possible to get the exact décor that you dreamt of. Paper lanterns are a cost-effective solution that can give you the desired look without splurging.

Secondly, they’re easy to hang. They don’t take much time to be set up and can be hung in different ways. They can be attached to a string, ribbon, or lights.

Thirdly, lantern paper decorations are easy to store. Instead of getting rid of them after the wedding, you can store and reuse them for another party. This way, you won’t have to buy new decorations for every occasion.

How to Style Paper Lanterns?

The best thing about wedding paper lanterns is that you can style them in various ways. You can use them without light as a centrepiece décor. Take the smallest size that you can find and include them in the table decorations. A bunch of party paper lanterns can be tied together and hung on the walls, in the corners, or from the ceiling. You can use different sizes and several shades of the same colour to add interest to the decor.

Paper lanterns can be attached to string or pendant lights. They can be bought separately or in a set. Arrange the string lights in the desired pattern and hang the lanterns along the string. You can put a paper lantern on every light or space them out. Depending on the style of the wedding, you can use lights in colour and simple lanterns or the other way around.

Wedding Arches and Flowers as Essential Pieces

A beautiful arch can be the thing that many will remember. You and your partner stand under it as you say your vows and commit to your love. It can consist of flowers, fabrics, lights, and much more. It’s an excellent addition to any outdoor wedding and presents a focal point for the entire décor.

They can come in different shapes and can have the decoration that best suits your personality. It can be simple and elegant or elaborated and fancy. Also, they’re very easy to make yourself if that what you prefer or they can be assembled by the wedding planner agency.

The flowers that you choose as part of the wedding décor can be artificial or natural. Artificial flowers are maybe cheaper to purchase and you can do that months or weeks before the wedding. Your event space can be already decorated on the day of the wedding so there are fewer last moment things to take care of. Fresh flowers aren’t long-lasting but their floral scent and natural look will freshen up the entire ceremony. Which type of flower you’ll choose depends on your preference. Some favoured flowers are roses, tulips, hydrangeas, peony, and calla lilies.

Wedding Easel and Birdcages for a Unique Experience

An easel is a valuable addition to your décor for supplying information and direction to your guests. You can use them if you have a big wedding so the guests know where they need to go. Easels can be used for displaying a schedule of the wedding’s events, guest books, and photos.

They can be simple wooden or metal tripods or you can go for gorgeous elaborate designs that’ll complement the rest of the decorations.

Birdcages are affordable décor items that can be used in so many ways. They need to suit the theme of the wedding and can come in any colour that you want or they can be wooden or gilded. They can be used as centrepieces and be already assembled or you can fill them with whatever you want.

Most used decorations are flowers or any type of greenery for a natural feel. Flowers and candles can be mixed together for a more romantic setting or they can serve solely as candle holders. If you use a birdcage as part of every table’s decoration, the table numbers can be attached to them as well.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Decorations

Paper lantern decor


Pick a colour palette and style so you know what to look for. You might like twenty different items but when put together, they might not look that good. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the available choices nowadays, so it’s easier to search for décor items if you know what you need. The decorations should represent your partner’s and your personal style. You need to agree on pieces that you’ll both enjoy and not blindly follow current trends.

Think about the surroundings when choosing the decorations. If it’s an outdoor garden wedding, you might not need much since the area will provide natural beauty and other decorations may be too much. But if you consider the venue to be boring, you can play around with different décor styles to set the perfect space.

Consider the budget when planning the wedding décor. If you have a limited budget, consider including several statement pieces that’ll stand out but won’t cost a fortune. Spend wisely on items that you really need and not on trinkets that no one will notice.