Before you go fishing for the first time you’ll probably feel excited, nervous and happy all at the same time because you’ll get to do something new and exciting. I’m sure you’ve talked to people prior to your fishing trip, asked them about their funny and dangerous fishing experiences and they were more than happy to share them with you. But without a doubt, there are certain things that many people forget to talk about when it comes to fishing – from the inescapable smell of fish to the purpose of some seemingly unimportant accessories that will make your experience much more pleasant.


Smelly Fish, Smelly Fish

So yeah, fish smell…a lot! Your bait will also smell and at the end of the day your clothes will smell like that too. Fishing means smelly things everywhere, especially when you go fishing on a sunny day – that’s when the smells starts expanding even more. But you know what? It’s part of the journey and what truly makes fishing. So do not mind the smell, at the end it will be all worth it.

There’s More to Fishing Equipment Than Baits and Lures

There are some essentials when it comes to fishing equipment that you definitely can’t go without, like lines, baits, lures, reels, rods etc. However, once you have all these small but very important tools, it’s time for tackle backpack. These are not only functional, but the modern ones are also very stylish. Besides tackle backpack, you will also need a flashlight just in case, a sunscreen, a disposable raincoat and a lighter. All of these may seem not that essential to you at first, but once you get to experience the angling sensation, you’ll realize why are they on the list.

Newbies Don’t Go Beach Fishing

Fishing on the beach is for advanced fishers only and that’s an unwritten rule. Plus, for starters, you’d want to catch at least one fish to boost your confidence, and that my friend, definitely won’t happen if you go fishing on the beach. Newbies will have a hard time dealing with ocean waters and chances are, they’ll go home empty-handed. Instead of hitting the beach, try your local pier. There will be lots of anglers who will be more than happy to help you out, plus catching fish at the pier is way more realistic.

You’ll Be Hooked in No Time

Finally, fishing is addictive! No matter how many times you visit the pier, no matter how many fish you won’t catch, you’ll always want to go back for more. And you most certainly should! The peace and calm that will surround you while fishing are a therapy of a kind. Good luck!