If there’s one thing this world can’t do without, it’s music. Can you imagine what life would be like without the sound of your favourite songs, and the voices of your favourite singers? Dull would be putting it simply, that’s for sure. I’ve always marveled at the lifestyle of musicians, just pouring out all of their soul and emotions, reaching out to fans with their melodies. It takes a great deal of confidence to be able to stand on the stage, knowing you’re the centre of attention which is why I couldn’t make it as a musician (yet… a girl has to dream, right?). Then again, I’ve had the pleasure of being surrounded by musicians and can tell you it also takes sacrificing if you want to make it big.

Apart from the days and nights spent recording in the studio, missing out on family gatherings, dinner parties and celebrations, it also takes investing. Investing in your voice which means practicing every day and giving up alcohol and cigarettes (sorry Adele), as well as investing in all the right equipment. Every beginning is small of course, and that means you won’t exactly have all the money for the instruments you wish to have, but with the right planning and saving, you can get there.

Every musician has to start somewhere, and you have to know what you are into to be able to make all the right preparations. Equipment necessities aren’t the same for those who busk on the streets, travel from one place to another having outdoor concerts and those who organise gigs in clubs and cafés. As much as it’s important to know your target audience, in other words get the sense of guessing people’s cup of tea, you also have to have all the bits and pieces of equipment; singers focus on the mic and cables, guitarists and drummers focus on the instruments and amplifiers. Unless you expect to be purchasing new equipment often, you’d want to make sure it’s all well protected, particularly if you’re on the road frequently so investing in the proper rack flight case is more than worthy. Even if you’re not touring around other towns and countries, you should still protect your valuables from dust and scratches.

A rack flight case that’s designed for durability, made of aluminium, has the addition of wheels for easier mounting and transport and preferably has an inside padding according to your equipment necessities, can save you plenty in the long run. As a dear friend of mine points it out often, beginners and professionals alike don’t actually know all the equipment they possess so it’s important to take pictures of every piece, make a list including them all so you make sure nothing is left out and everything is properly stored.

Add songwriting, practice, picking gig places and tours, and you get a really complex broad picture. This post is an admiration to you, dear singers, everyone who aspires to become one (like me) and everyone who appreciated the art of music. The path of succeeding for music stars is a long one with a great deal of investing to do, and it’s sharing it with the world that makes it all worthwhile.