I’m in a DIY craze! I’ve been meaning to pay my garden more attention for quite some time now as I figured my entire plant collection needs refreshing. A few days ago I decided to do some creative gardening and create some rather fancy-looking planters which will refresh my outdoor landscape. Plus, this way I got to hang out with my daughters and have some fun together as they also love gardening.

We’re all in love with vintage objects, so we gathered a bunch of old stuff that we had in the basement and tried to make good use of all the wooden and metal buckets, ladders and boxes. We divided our responsibilities: the girls were responsible to think of ways to use what we had on disposal, and I had to make a new planter mixture with fresh soil and add nutrients. I bought a few gardening products that I needed for the process and started doing what I love most.

When it comes to taking care of a garden, a number of gardening tools are needed. You can’t call yourself a gardener if you don’t have some handy tools in your garden denim jumpsuit. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have them, make sure you search for high quality gardening products online or offline and stash your gardening toolbox. From a patch helper for harvesting, to a gardening knife and secateurs, the basics are a must for any gardener.

The girls came up with some pretty amazing ideas. They used an old, vintage-like door, painted it in pastel pink and placed it in a corner in our backyard. They chose a few small metal buckets which I filled with a planter mixture and planted yellow flowers. The combination of colours was just amazing and very summer-ish.

Next thing we did was dismantle an old, large drawer cabinet I inherited from my grandmother. Although beautiful, it was very bulky and couldn’t be restored, so I had to store it in the basement. We took the small drawers out and used them as planters; I put the planter mixture in it, planted the greenery, and the planters were ready. We placed them on an old ladder (those made of wood and used by painters) and this turned out to be the perfect vintage decoration for out patio.

Finally, I used some old coffee cups I found, which were a little broken and couldn’t be used anymore. On another wooden ladder I placed the small cups, which now serve as small planters, and decorated the other part of my patio. The entire picture resembles a vintage paradise – with all that old wood, greenery, the pop of colour here and there and the metal buckets. We did some pretty creative work.

What is important here is to remember to trim your plants, the ones that you’ll be re-planting in another pot and to make sure your soil has the needed nutrients. And of course, make sure to water them daily.