Can you imagine going a day without your favourite electronics? Scientists have long warned that using technology day in and day out, making it take over your life bit by bit becomes the sort of addiction in the likes of drugs and sugar. Well, as Robyn says it in her Fembot song “once you’ve gone tech, you ain’t never going back”, so whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all addicts when it comes to our devices. With all the social networking trends steering our lives, it’s impossible to stay immune to being part of the tech-world, especially when it comes to cameras. What would a day without a selfie be like? Though we might think we live in the most trend-setting era there ever was, selfies are more vintage than it appears (sorry to break it to you), as they go far back in history to the 1800s.

Truth be told, even the concept of camera based on lenses and reflection of light are older than most people are aware of. Though the first camera that was envisioned for creating photography was the one of Johann Zahn in 1685, it was followed by Joseph Nicephore Niepce’s design in 1814, which was known to be the first camera to actually be capable of producing a photograph. Flexible film roll and colour photography were the next aspects worked on decades and a century later, leading to Steve Sasson’s invention of digital photography in 1975.


Prepare to be wowed learning that the concept of this ingenious design takes us way back in time, to the life of Iraqi scientist Ibn-Al Haytham, also known as Alhazen. You can read all about it in his Book of Optics dating from 1021. Next time you take your selfie or you photograph the beauty of your surroundings, remember to thank these inventors who brought their ideas to fruition. Thanks to technology evolving at such a fast pace, tracing quality cameras nowadays is just a click away with the chance to buy from a camera online store.

When looking for your ideal camera, of course you won’t expect to find any models of these vintage precursors, but you’ll find plenty of choices from the vast digital world and what better way to shop than by doing so from a camera online store – you make the order and get your purchase delivered straight home. Depending on your photography expertise and requirements, you can choose from a variety of models, differing in size, features and price.

Let’s not forget all the accessories you might be needing as well. It takes having an eye for beauty to be able to make outstanding photographs, and arming yourself with the adequate equipment is sure to set you on the track of creating outstanding pieces of memory for generations to marvel. We don’t have a time-travelling machine, but a camera is as good as it gets in recording memorable moments. Bet you won’t look at cameras the same way anymore.