Chronic back pain is modern society’s worst enemy. Medications and rest can partially stop it, but after a while it comes back as annoying and as exhausting as it had been before. Even though usually back pain does not interfere with your everyday activities, in extreme cases it can leave you completely unable to move. In these cases, taking a lot of strong medications is inevitable. However, before reaching for painkillers, why not try to relieve the pain with an alternative and more effective approach? Introducing: the far infrared heating pad.

Our back usually hurts because of tight muscles caused by stress and anxiety – the two top ingredients of the 21st century’s busy lifestyle. In this case, what we really need is full detoxification and relaxation of the body and mind. Once we reach a point in our minds where everyday chores and work-related problems don’t matter anymore, the muscles relax and we enter the stress relief phase. For this purpose, modern manufacturers designed the far infrared heating pad – the perfect product for home use that will give you a real spa experience.

The far infrared heating pad works by delivering heat to the stiff and cramped muscles and helps stimulate blood flow. This is really important because blood flow helps the muscles relax and dulls the pain. Besides helping you with back pain, the far infrared heating pad can also improve your immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells, it can remove toxins from your body such as carcinogenic heavy metals and drugs, improve your metabolism, your joint’s mobility, and the best thing of all is that it has no side effects if used correctly.

You should think of it as spending some time out in the sun. The sensation is practically the same, the only difference is that you’ll be at home. Sun rays deliver heat deep into the muscles and the other tissues and that’s what the heating pad does as well. So whenever you feel pain or you simply feel the need to relax, you can just use your heating pad and enjoy. There’s no rule about the amount of times you should use it in a week, however, 30 minutes a day is just enough to relax your muscles and make the pain go away. Since most pads have a wide variation in heating temperatures, you can adjust the temperature level that works best for you.