No living room decor is ever complete without a coffee table that complements the design of that space. No matter how charming your sofa, rug and curtain are, without a coffee table, the room will feel empty and incomplete. So, naturally, the question arises – what kind of coffee table will best suit your space? Should you go with a traditional design or maybe a modern wooden coffee table? Taking into account the great array of options on the market today, settling for one model can be confusing. Luckily, you have us.


Choose Materials That Suit the Function

Coffee tables come in a range of materials that can serve different functions. For example, a glass top can create a sense of openness as it harmonizes with the background rather than screaming for attention. A wooden piece, on the other hand, adds warmth to a room with a natural look, making your space cosier and more inviting. You can consider getting a modern wooden coffee table with a glass top to reap the advantages of both materials from a single piece. If you’re looking for a statement-making piece, consider a metal, industrial coffee table with a non-traditional design.

Get a Size that Fits Your Space

The standard size for a coffee table is about 120cm by 60cm. But that is only a suggestion. As long as you don’t choose a coffee table that is more than two-thirds the size of your sofa you will be ensuring the right balance between space and enough room around it. When choosing the best size, make sure to check the entire footprint of the table as some pieces may have splayed legs that extend beyond the top. Height is also an important factor to consider. The standard height of coffee tables ranges between 40cm to 45cm. As a rule of thumb, the height of your coffee table should be at the same height as the cushions of your sofa. The goal is that you are able to place your food or drinks down on the table rather than up and over.

Consider a Shape to Complement the Surroundings

A rectangular table is a common option as it maximises the space and everyone sitting on the sofa can reach it easily. It is a great option for smaller living rooms. An oval or round-shaped table doesn’t have the sharp edges that a rectangular or square table does, which makes it an excellent choice for households with kids.


Pick a Style that Matches the Existing Decor

Modern, vintage, formal, informal – these are all styles to be considered when purchasing a coffee table. If you prefer a contemporary look, choose a modern wooden coffee table with a glass top. If country casual is more your style, a rustic oak table would perfect. A round table with turned legs makes the ideal option for a romantic setting. There are many styles to choose from, just use the decorating scheme of your room as your guide.

Choose a Table to Fit Your Lifestyle

In order to choose the right coffee table, it’s also important that you consider your lifestyle. If you need a piece with a lot of storage, consider a storage piece. If you like to play board games in the living room often, make sure your coffee table is a comfortable piece to gather around. Do you like to put your feet up on the coffee table when watching TV? In this case, an ottoman may be a better option for you. If you want a coffee table that is kid-friendly, opt for a piece that has no sharp edges and isn’t made of glass.

designer wooden coffee table

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Let There be Balance

Every piece in your room should be in balance with each other. For example, a heavy clunky overstuffed comfortable couch paired with a small, old coffee table that you bought on a yard sale isn’t really the best match. An overstuffed couch should be paired with a large, modern table instead. A small, vintage coffee table pairs best with a smaller, more delicate loveseat. Balance is all about comparing the size and visual weight of objects in a room.

Small Grouping

Who says that you need to choose only one table? For an interesting look, place two identical nesting tables next to each other and pull out each table to expand the surface area. If you’re dealing with a big space and you haven’t found a table big enough to complement it yet, you can place two tables next to each other to create a bigger piece.

Bottom line is, finding the perfect coffee table for your space might take some effort and thoughtful consideration, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Now that you know what you need to look for, searching for the ideal table may be a fun and exciting thing to do. Enjoy the search!