Streetwear is one of the most adaptable fashions available. You can maintain a low profile, or you can be boisterous and confident. But despite its adaptability, there are a few elements that unite every streetwear appearance that you should bear in mind when constructing your outfit.


Keep it informal and subcultural

Women's Streetwear


Going back to the origins of streetwear, it was originally all about movement. You wanted to wear something while skateboarding down the west coast or break-dancing on the east coast. But do not associate the word “casual” with the words “boring” or “meh.” Streetwear is the apparel of a generation that has decided to take control of their personal style. Therefore, when you hear the word casual, you should interpret it as “a style with men’s and womens urban streetwear that bows to no one but myself.”

Wear the future with a love letter to the past

As stated previously, streetwear is countercultural. Constantly challenging the status quo, it strives to produce something larger and more daring than its predecessors. This makes it one of the most contemporary designs available. But when you’re wearing streetwear, you may also honour your origins, whether it’s a headwear emblazoned with your birthplace or a style that was popularised by streetwear icons before you.

T-Shirts that speak about who you are

T-Shirts that speak about who you are


Whoever knows anything about the origins of the style is aware that streetwear began when a surfer named Shawn Stussy began signing his T-shirts. True to its origins, t-shirts remain the top choice for streetwear. Whether it has long or short sleeves, a pattern or is plain, it will always shout “streetwear.”

Basic tank tops as a timeless classic

The fact that T-shirts are the norm does not mean that they are your only option. You can rework your style by pairing a crop top with your other womens urban streetwear essentials, ladies. Most women’s streetwear t-shirts serve as both tees and crop tops, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

Hoodies are your streetwear king

Hoodies are so essential to streetwear that they could almost be classified as “tops.” It would be nearly impossible to create streetwear without them. Wear it straight up, or layer it with a denim jacket or a graphic t-shirt for added flair. Or, incorporate it into your finest athletic loungewear ensemble.

Level it up with a jacket over your outfit

When it comes to urban fashion, layers are everything, and your outerwear is the most essential layer. This is what people will see, so if there is one component of your ensemble to focus on, it should be this one. As previously stated, denim jackets always look amazing as a top layer over a hoodie, but you have tons of other options, including the bomber, leather, and padded jackets.

Your closet is in need of quality denim

Denim is dominant in streetwear. When in question, don jeans. You can wear baggy or narrow jeans, motorcycle or cargo pants, and distressed or graphic denim. They pair well with everything, appear cool, and can do no harm. The only rule for jeans in streetwear is that you must be able to move in them; if you can’t, glance in the mirror and know your ensemble is stolen.

You need comfy pair of trousers for everyday use

You need comfy pair of trousers for everyday use


Track trousers are the only other pant option that is more streetwear than denim. They embody the essence of the design. They are comfortable, and you can personalise them with patterns and hues that will turn heads. You can sport them as athletic loungewear or layer them under a bomber jacket for an unstoppable appearance.

Great shoes are a statement-maker

For certain forms of expression, footwear is merely an afterthought. In terms of streetwear, they are the reason it exists. Upgrade your footwear with a pair of high-quality trainers, or stay bold and rock your favourite new pair of sandals with the newest pair of Adidas trousers. If you’ve been avoiding labels thus far (which, let’s be honest, you haven’t been if you’re wearing streetwear), now is the time to go for the major names. The brands Nike, Adidas, and New Balance are infallible.

Headwear – if want to go the extra mile

If you observe the monarchs and queens of streetwear fashion, you will notice that they almost always wear headwear. This is because headwear has always been an essential component of streetwear. And, if you’re keeping it classic, bring your ensemble together with a classic snapback, or keep it casual with a beanie, just like the great 90′. And speaking of the 1990s, bandana print is also making a comeback in street style.

Cool “shades” are the cherry on the top

Putting on sunglasses is the quickest method to go from looking alright to appearing badass. There are an absurd number of sunglasses styles available, which is great for your sense of style. You can choose coloured lenses to complement your frame, or you can stick with classic black and concentrate on the shape. Keep it classic with a square or aviator frame, or go avant-garde with geometric tints.