You have been in love with your little pet dog since day one, there is no denying that. However, there is one thing that you feel guilty to even admit – the barking is driving you crazy and keeping you up all night. And chances are, it doesn’t bother just you, your neighbors started complaining too. If only you could do something about it…

Well, you actually can! Introducing bark collars. Bark collars are able to detect barking by sensing vibrations in the dog’s vocal cords. When they detect this, the collar provides a stimulus to the dog, warning him that this is the consequence for barking. If your dog is of a smaller size and breed, you might be hesitant in using these devices. Rest assured, there are bark collars specifically designed for smaller breeds. You can talk to a customer representative and ask for bark collars for small dogs. Here are some tips on what to look for.


A collar with an adjustable intensity 


You don’t want to hurt or traumatize your dog – you are just looking for a way to correct his behaviour. That’s why you need to be able to adjust the intensity of the collar. You should always start with the lowest setting. If the lowest setting does nothing for your dog, increase it sporadically until you notice it is working.

Vibration triggered collar


Most collars are activated with a vibration sensor, however, some use a microphone. A vibration sensor is more effective as it only registers your dog’s barking, whereas a microphone might be triggered by other dogs in the vicinity. And if the bark collar is activated when the dog is not barking, well then this defeats the purpose of using the collar.

Adjustable size collar 


Whether the dog is of a smaller breed or it is just a puppy, having the option to adjust the size is a practical feature. The vibration sensor needs to be close to the neck, but you also don’t want a too tight collar. And maybe this time you need the collar for this small dog, but if you are planning on getting a dog of a similar size again in the future, this is a practical feature to look for.

A waterproof collar 

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, and your puppy is always roaming around, consider investing in a waterproof anti-bark collar. It is a good choice if you two enjoy going to the beach as well. And if you are still not a hundred percent sure on what to look for when buying bark collars for small dogs, pet store employees will happily assist you with choosing the perfect one for your pet.