baby girl riding on an orange scooter

Scooters are an excellent way for your child to learn balance and motor skills. They can be his favourite toy to play with, both in the house and outside. Some parents consider scooters to be unsafe for their kids, but nowadays, manufacturers have taken all of the possible safety precautions to make them as safe as possible. Plus, you can add a helmet and knee and elbow pads for maximum protection.

Riding a scooter has many benefits for kids. For instance, a well-balanced 3 wheel scooter can be great for boosting agility and stability. Plus, scooters can contribute to your child’s independence because of the possibility to explore and learn. They can boost their confidence as they can help them learn and explore.

After learning how to ride the scooter, they might want to try a skateboard or even a longboard as an upgrade. Their grip and strength will improve together with the feeling of freedom and fun. Plus, they’ll understand the importance of safety by wearing helmets and elbow and knee pads. When you’re buying a 3 wheel scooter for your child, there are several factors to consider.

The first is the weight. Depending on the child’s age, you’ll determine how heavy should the scooter be. The second is noise. Some scooters make so much noise you’ll hear them from far away. And the last is longevity. You don’t want to buy a scooter today and have to replace it in the first month. Always choose high-quality materials that will last for a long time.


Since their invention in 1932, Legos have been one of the children’s favourite toys. They are the representation of every child’s dreams and wishes. They build and create amazing things such as castles, cars, houses, animals, plants, etc. Practically, anything they can imagine can come to life. They can be anything they want, builders, architects, suppliers, directors, drivers, superheroes, gardeners and anything else that comes to mind.

Kids learn how to communicate while playing with Legos. If they do it with someone else, they communicate in order to complete what they have in mind. They learn how to listen and understand other people’s needs, how to respect each other’s opinions and how to follow rules. They’ll learn how to share and stay focused for a long time. Their imagination can run wild while they think about stories and characters involved in their Lego creation.

They’ll grasp the importance of problem-solving by dealing with construction issues and have a firsthand experience with symmetry, patterns and quantity. By pushing the Legos together and separating them, kids develop hand-to-eye coordination and gain strength in their arms and fingers. They learn how to make mistakes and fix them as soon as possible. When they finish the creation, they’ll feel confident and proud. Even if you don’t feel like picking up Legos all over the house, think about all of the benefits they have for your kids.


a kid having a marvel costume birthday party

Costumes and dress-up games can be one of the greatest experiences for kids. You can buy them amazing costumes that represent their favourite superhero, cartoon character, job or hobby. They’ll have the ability to become someone else, even just for a short time. It allows children to pretend to be somebody or something extraordinary, representing their individuality and recent hobbies. It also encourages independence by enabling learners to develop self-care skills.

They’ll work on their mental abilities and motor skills by learning how to fasten buttons, close a zipper or a Velcro, and tie laces to get dressed in their costume. It can get frustrating at times, but they’ll learn patience and persistence. They think outside the box when they get into the character by creating new moves, words and stories for their character to go through.

There are so many costumes you can choose from. If your kid loves superheroes, you can go with Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, Thor, The Flash, Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel. You can also go for different occupations such as a doctor, firefighter, archeologist, astronaut, construction worker, farmer, etc. Plus, you can choose from a myriad of cartoon characters and animals that will bring out hours and hours of play and pretend for your dearest.

Play Sets

While action figures and playsets meet the needs of a child of any age and interests, they all provide similar play benefits. To begin with, they offer a terrific substitute for screen time and encourage creative play, which helps build creative talents. It doesn’t matter if the playset and figurines are from a fantasy planet or smaller copies of our grown-up world; youngsters will use these toys to make stories, events, and journeys by combining their actual knowledge with their fantasies.

In Summary

Choosing the best birthday gift for your toddler will be a piece of cake if you know exactly what it wants. What keeps them entertained and focused is what makes them excited and develops their character through play. The first and most important purpose of toys is to provide fun, and all of the extra benefits you get are just a plus in the child’s development.