It’s almost summer, the season for partying and relaxing while soaking up the sun at the beach. Yes, the time has come for all us to let the sunshine in our lives and hit the beach in style. But as we ladies always strive to look our best, I believe that you don’t want to enter this season without shopping for some essential beach women accessories. After all, a trendy bag stocked with all the beach accessories is key to making the most of your time in the sun. Let’s take a look at some beach must-have that every woman should have on her shopping list.

The beach bag
A spacious bag to carry all your essentials for a fun day at the beach such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and a nice book is the ideal beach companion. A straw tote is the ultimate beach carryall. Its simple, classic design will perfectly complement your beach outfits and add the final touch to your look. The trendy beach tote features long handles and generously sized interiors to easily organize your beach essentials.

A chic hat
Out of all the beach women accessories my all-time favourite would have to be the beach hat which not only makes you look more trendy, but also provides protection for your neck and shoulders from the scorching sun. My suggestion would be a white or beige wide brim hat or a straw fedora.


Enjoy the beautiful beach view of turquoise water and sand while protecting your eyes from the sun with some stylish sunglasses. When on the hunt for the perfect beach sunnies, make sure you get ones that provide great UV protection. As for the colour of the lenses it’s important to know that darker ones doesn’t necessarily block more UV rays, so amber or grey lenses would do perfectly fine as well. Bigger shades offer more coverage to your eyes and face which means enhanced UV protection. I suggest a pair of oversized retro sunglasses as these are IN this season and will bring a vintage flare to your beach outfit.

Other beach essentials
It goes without saying that a protective sunscreen and a large towel are among the much needed essentials. However, there are some other beach items that most women tend to forget but are equally important. Among these are a SPF lip balm, a protective hair spray to keep your hair hydrated and soft, a light cover-up to throw over your bikini when you want to take a walk on the beach or go to the nearby restaurant to for a lunch, and similar.