Reliability is something that manufacturers put a lot of emphasis on in the automotive industry. But with more and more innovative systems being added to vehicles, the chances of something going wrong also increase. Don’t get me wrong, a good number of vehicles today are still reliable, but not as they were a couple of decades ago. This, fortunately, doesn’t apply as much when it comes to Toyota vehicles. As much as Mercedes is known for its luxury vehicles, Toyota is known for its reliable models.

Toyota vehicles also come equipped with the new tech and they’re also known as being the least pollutant. When it comes to tackling rugged, off-road terrain the FJ Cruiser hardly has any competition, since the traction Toyota vehicles offer is ideal for off-road adventures. But the same way you would get ready for your first camping trip, you should prepare your Toyota FJ Cruiser by modifying it with some aftermarket accessories before heading to the outback.


How Can I Make My Truck More Off-Road Capable?

fj cruiser off road accessories

Bash Plates

A big part of what makes a vehicle rugged and well-protected from impact is its construction. And at the heart of every vehicle’s construction is its chassis. To keep this core component safe when traversing challenging terrain, you should consider installing bash plates. These metal Toyota FJ Cruiser accessories keep the chassis safe from flying rocks and uneven terrain. Bash plates are installed on the frame of your FJ Cruiser.

Side Steps

To make entering and exiting your FJ Cruiser more convenient for both yourself and passengers – you should definitely consider installing side steps or running boards. Side steps are a single step that is attached to the cab of your 4×4, whereas running boards go along the whole length of the cab, making them more versatile as they provide a platform to step on for everyone. No matter if it’s side steps or running boards, make sure to get ones with a bit of rubber on them in order to prevent you from slipping when stepping on them with wet feet.


To keep the engine safe from water going inside it and to provide cool and clean air, it’s best that you install a snorkel. This is especially the case if you often find yourself going through deep water crossings. The air intake on your FJ Cruiser is located at either one of the front sides, sitting at, or above hip level. By installing a snorkel, you bring the air intake’s entrance higher up above the roof of your FJ Cruiser.

Diff Breather

If water is something you’ll drive over time and time again, you should definitely install a diff breather. This device has a similar role as a snorkel since it changes the air intake of a component called the differential. The differential sits even lower than the air intake of the engine, on the undercarriage of your FJ Cruiser. Installing a diff breather will not only save the differential from water getting into it, but it will help cooler air reach your engine. Diff breathers are one of those Toyota FJ Cruiser accessories that require some drilling in the engine bay, as that is where the air intake of the differential is moved.

fj cruiser accessories

Roof Rack

Storage can be an issue sometimes, even when it comes to a big vehicle like the FJ Cruiser. This is especially true for people who like to pack a lot of stuff or want to go on a week-long trip out in the wild. With a roof rack, you’ll be able to resolve the issue by putting your gear and equipment up top. Roof racks and baskets are common with 4×4 vehicles as they provide a lot of room for heavy items. Just make sure when you pack your rack or basket with stuff, you secure all your items with a cord or strap.


When it comes to traversing unpredictable landscapes, something you need to have on your FJ Cruiser on all of your adventures is a bullbar. Bullbars are large pieces of metal tubing that extend from one side to the other on the front of your FJ Cruiser. With these FJ Cruiser off-road accessories, you are well protected from animal strikes, flying rocks, as well as trees and bushes. Although they are known to increase fuel consumption, you won’t have to worry about safety with a bullbar on the front grille.

Rain Guards

To keep other flying objects, such as water droplets out of your FJ Cruiser’s interior, you should invest in rain guards. Also known as weathershields, these FJ Cruiser accessories will allow you to have your windows slightly open so that fresh air can come in without rain making the interior of your vehicle all wet. These plastic pieces can either be installed by sticking them on the frame of your door or in the window channel. Either way, you’ll benefit from a refreshing ride and one that won’t require you to blast the AC.