Aviation Essentials: 5 Items Every Pilot Should Have in Their Flight Bag

Aviation Essentials: 5 Items Every Pilot Should Have in Their Flight Bag

Even though today’s aircraft are more technologically advanced than ever before, they still need a well-trained and competent pilot to navigate them. Being a pilot is a stressful and demanding job. It’s your responsibility to tackle the challenges of the sky and ensure that your passengers and cargo travel safely from point A to point B. To do this successfully, you will need several aviation essentials.


The Whats and Hows of Underground Services Locators

The Whats and Hows of Underground Services Locators

Planning renovations that require excavation work? Before that happens, the site needs to be thoroughly searched for any existing power or communication lines, as well as gas or sewage piping. Rupturing these can cause serious harm to anyone nearby, in addition to the unforeseeable damage if this happens. The costs alone will put you deep into the red. To avoid such inconveniences (to put it nicely), simple but effective tools are used before any digging is done.

Solar Camping Gear: Make Your Outdoor Stays Easier and More Enjoyable

Solar Camping Gear: Make Your Outdoor Stays Easier and More Enjoyable

Nothing can be more enjoyable and relaxing than a camping trip with your family or friends. Going to new and off-grid locations for a few days or more is one of the best ways to create new experiences. Now, who wouldn’t want to talk around the campfire, eat s’mores and lean back and enjoy the starry sky?
However, sometimes off-grid camping can be challenging, and many campers might overlook many of the beautiful remote locations due to not having access to public utilities, especially electricity. The truth is, you don’t have to be disconnected from the rest of the world during your off-grid camping adventures thanks to the various solar options available to every camper. Let’s look at some of them that can make your camping experience a whole lot better. 

Harness the Power of the Sun with a Camping Solar Blanket

camping solar blanket
source: caravan.hemax.com

Off-grid camping is one of the best ways to get closer to nature. It is the best place to “recharge your batteries” and get back to your fast-paced lifestyle new and refreshed. However, before going to these breathtaking locations, you need to get a camping solar blanketIt is critical if you intend to spend more than a day or two in an area without electricity. 
Solar blankets are much more convenient than portable solar panels. In comparison to solar panels, which are much heavier, many 200W solar blankets weigh only 7 kg. Also, these solar blankets are foldable and don’t take up as much space, which is crucial if you travel long distances frequently or there is a lot of people going on a camping trip. Even though it’s pretty compact, a solar blanket usually has a rated output of 10.7A per hour, which will be enough to run even a larger campsite.
Once you arrive at your destination, you can unfold it and place it on your windscreen or roof rack or lay it on the ground. You can even hang it on the side of your RV if necessary, thanks to the handy tabs that you can find along the side of the blanket. Also, you will be able to tie it down if it gets windy outside. However, one thing you will need to do is rotate it during the day in order to get as much sunlight as possible. There are many solar blankets for sale, but make sure you choose one that is high-quality without hurting your pocket at the same time. 

Stay Connected Even Off-Grid with a Solar Phone Charger  

solar phone charger
source: trendyyol.com

Going out in nature allows you to encounter one-of-a-kind landscapes that will leave you with memories that will be etched in your mind for the rest of your life. And of course, you will want to take plenty of pictures with your phone so that you can show to friends and family and share the memories with them. 
So, instead of worrying about your phone battery life all the time, you can get a solar phone charger. This way, you can freely take as many pictures and videos as you like and share them later on your social media. Show everyone the hidden natural beauty you’ve discovered. And aside from charging your smartphones, you can also use the solar phone charger to charge your tablets, cameras, rechargeable lanterns, and other electronic devices that are portable. 
All you have to do is lay it out in direct sunlight, plug in your device with your USB cable, and do whatever you need around the campsite. You can even hang using the mounting tabs on the charger to optimize its efficiency. Usually, some solar chargers have two USB ports, which allow you to have two devices charging at the same time. 
Another great feature of the solar charger is the protective storage pocket, which keeps your devices safe while charging and makes it easier every time you need to move it to get better sunlight. 

Light Up Your Camp with a Solar Camping Lantern  

solar camping lantern
source: gearbest.com

You are well aware that a high-quality tent is a part of any essential camping gear. However, lighting it up along with the whole campsite is crucial as well, especially when the sun goes down and you’re deep in the wilderness. Whether you want to read some book in the tent, or you need to light up the camp to cook or play games, a camping lantern is a great choice.
However, apart from the rechargeable ones, you can opt for solar camping lanterns. There are many options to choose from, so you will be able to find the one that suits your camping needs the most. Some are collapsible and don’t require much space when packed, not to mention how lightweight they are. Although they get charged from solar power, some have rechargeable USB ports. They include different lighting modes, and once they are fully charged in the sun, they can last up to 10 hours on the lowest lighting mode. Some even include a USB port for charging your phone.  
And whenever you pack for camping, don’t forget to add a flashlight as well. As with solar camping lanterns, there are solar flashlights too. There are many designs and choices. However, it is great that they can recharge in natural sunlight, and some of them can charge phones as well.

Keep Clean with a Solar Shower Bag

solar shower bag
source: literoflightusa.org

One of the challenging things when camping for more than four days is showering. While some don’t mind that part of the camping experience, you might want to shower and feel clean, especially if the terrain is muddy and it’s been a couple of days. Well, you can leave your worries aside and enjoy longer camping stays with a solar shower camping bag. 
All you have to do is fill up the solar bag with lake water, let it heat up in the sun, and enjoy the shower in nature. However, since the bag has a capacity of 5 gallons or 18 liters, it will provide you with only a quick shower. Also, you shouldn’t drink from this bag. Whenever you go camping make sure to purify the water since it can be dangerous to your health. 
To sum up, every camper should incorporate at least one solar camping gear to make the camping experience even more enjoyable, especially when going off-grid. With having such a constant natural resource of power that’s free, there is no reason not to explore all of the beautiful places you’ve always wanted to go. 

The Benefits of an Aftermarket Isuzu DMAX Exhaust Upgrade

The Benefits of an Aftermarket Isuzu DMAX Exhaust Upgrade

The new Isuzu D-Max has been racking up accolades from every corner of the globe. It’s been awarded Australia’s best dual cab for 2021, with improvements across the board over the outgoing model. Safety is high on the agenda, as well as the standard quality and reliability the brand is known for. It might be down on outright power and torque compared to rivals, but a few performance upgrades, like an aftermarket DMax exhaust system, brings the workhorse ute up there with the best.


Everything You Need to Know About Automotive Cloth Tape

Everything You Need to Know About Automotive Cloth Tape

With carmakers introducing ever more sophisticated systems to enhance usability, comfort, convenience and safety, there’s the rising probability of something going. And still, buyers want their money’s worth. Standards in safety have shifted dramatically, to include such things as blind-spot monitoring and anti-collision braking, as have expectations as to what is standard equipment, even in entry-level trims. With more electronics on board, there’s also more wiring to connect each unit. In new cars still under warranty, this might not present itself as an issue, but there will be cases, maybe in the not-too-distant future, that these give way and not stand the test of time.  

Multiple things can go wrong with the wiring in your vehicle. First, it’s the sheer amount of wiring and wiring harnesses that straddle new cars to power anything from the upgraded hi-fi, to the autoboot, items we find as necessities today. Wiring in everything powered by the car battery needs to be routed through endless networks throughout the vehicle, often set against abrasions, vibrations, and varying moisture levels. Harnesses bundling several cables and wires save on space, but also shield each cable. Should any of these experience a short, it might not be just the GPS malfunctioning, but something much worse. Cables can fail due to cracks and overheating, often a sign of low-quality sheathing materials, rusting connectors or factory errors.  

Checking on the state of the wiring under the hood should be done from time to time, especially if systems start to fail. Less severe issues can be fixed by repairing frayed harnesses with an automotive cloth tape. This bundles the individual cables in a tight heat and moisture-proof wrap and shields the assembly from knocks and vibrations throughout the vehicle. Everything will work just as it should, and there’ll be no weird noises piercing into the cabin.  

What is Automotive Cloth Tape? 

Automotive cloth tape is tape used to bundle and wrap wiring harnesses in your car. Products intended to be used in the engine bay are specially designed to stand up against high heat levels, while those in the car interior elevate comfort by reducing overall noise. This tape replaces basic PVC electrical tape you’d find in older cars or repair jobs, and is recommended in any type of rebuilds or resto-mods.  

What Types of Automotive Cloth Tape are There? 

cloth tape
source: revivalcycles.com

There are two types of cloth tape used in automotive applications – fleece and underbody tape.  

Fleece tape gets its name from the woolly PET backer. It is the tape of choice for high-end car brands when attending to wiring harnesses. Fleece tape has outstanding longitudinal strength, so stretches to the required length without breaking, and yet is easily applied by hand. Simply tear the tape across the grain. The tape is primarily intended for interior wiring applications, owing to its superior noise dampening properties that reduce noise levels by up to 15 decibels. In addition, it is resistant to temperature extremes, from -40°C to over 100°C and has exceptional abrasion resistance. Tapes are sold in varying widths and you can have any colour you like as long it’s black.  

Underbody automotive loom tape is used for wiring looms in the engine bay and undercarriages where heat and moisture levels are often higher. Compared to fleece tape, this has a canvas-based backer material that has higher abrasion and heat resistance, which also does a better job at wicking away liquids. It too is flexible, easily stretched and applied. In addition, underbody loom tape can reduce noise levels from vibrations, though not to the level of fleece tape.  

Compared to traditional bundling options, like vinyl electrical tape or alternative wiring harnesses solutions, these two options offer several benefits. Unlike electrical tape, fleece and underbody loom tape are easy to tear and are applied with minimal fuss. Removing them is also way simpler and quicker, since there is no residue left along the wiring. Both tapes feature strong pressure-sensitive adhesives, sticking well and won’t come undone or cause a tangled mess. Once applied, they give off a neat, professional appearance, resembling the factory fitted loom in the vehicle. Compared to heat shrink tubing, sleeving or split loom tubing, automotive cloth tape is much easier to use and has better adhesion and noise dampening, while offering comparable (if not higher) vibration, chemical, heat and moisture resistance. It also comes at a lower cost for the same length.  

Using Automotive Cloth Tape 

cloth tape
source: nitto.com

Automotive fleece and underbody loom tape can be used in regular repairs and maintenance, or in rebuilding cars from scratch. The purpose of the tapes is to shield the individual cables and wires and route them to the specified location. If you encounter damaged or frayed sheathing along cables, or any other damage, the best thing to do is repair wiring and connectors, to prevent problems down the line. Once you’ve checked the condition of the wiring, actual wrapping is straightforward. The tape elongates and sticks around the bundle with an easy pull, and creates a neat pile. Wires that need to be split are wrapped separately. When you’re done, a simple tear is all that’s needed.  

A Guide to Choosing a Flashlight for Your Needs: Key Things to Consider

A Guide to Choosing a Flashlight for Your Needs: Key Things to Consider

You’ll need a torch if you plan to work in the dark. It’s also something you should have with you if there’s a power outage or a natural disaster. There are plenty of other uses for flashlights as well, including camping, working under the hood of your car and checking items in your attic. Torches are ideal for use in emergencies because they don’t require electricity to operate. They’re also good for people who are afraid of the dark, since these lights produce a lot of illumination.