You might make the best of the best in terms of takeaway food, but without the proper marketing strategy, you won’t be able to enjoy as much success as you should. Though it seems it’s not the urgent investment as opposed to specialised equipment, it’s what can help secure your place in the market, and moreover, stand out from the crowd.

Solid strategy begins with the basics, and in the case of takeaway, the takeaway bags. Sure, you can just use good old plain packaging but why not give eco-friendly kraft paper bag a try? Caring about the environment goes a lot further than you might expect, and it would surely gain the customers’ trust.

The kraft bags are plain, yet in any case you can tailor a packaging solution that’s suitable for your company, get creative with your own branded design. In other words, you can get the kraft paper bag with your logo on it. It’s all about grabbing attention with uniqueness!

Bags are items that are reused often, and without knowing, your customers would help spread the word about you, so you might consider it as indirect marketing in your favour, that also happens to be cost-efficient.

Pick up Bag

And, there’s more in terms of cutting down on marketing costs, especially now that we live in a tech-savvy world. Thanks to the numerous social networks nowadays, you can easily take advantage of this option, create accounts on several of them, plus use messaging services. Being at the disposal of customers on various platforms is essential.

Snail mail may have given way to digital mail but it doesn’t mean it’s not a good option. How many of us are reluctant to opening spam messages, and opt to get rid of them immediately without even looking through them, as opposed to taking a good look of direct mail? The answer is far too many!

Menus, leaflets, and fliers don’t cost much and would still be of help with your success in the long run. People like keeping info of takeaway services, and we sure are the nation that loves food delivery.

If you don’t believe it, check yourself and see statistics don’t lie: we Aussies keep increasing the number of food and drinks orders, which should be great news for anyone in the takeaway business.

Another tried and tested method is to surprise your customers with a little extra in their order; it can be something additional, or more of what they ordered. Remember, the thought of free food always works!