Though we like to think of the well-being trends of today as something more advanced, truth is people have been doing so for years, just differently. Back in the days people thought of a drink to be the solution for everything.

Want to relax? Pour yourself a drink. Want to celebrate with loved ones? Gather over a drink. Treating a cold? Get a drink! Of course, everything that’s exaggerated can be harmful, and that goes for drinks too, but as long as it’s mindful then it’s beneficial. The lesson you can take from this? Creating a home bar, and what better place for it than the outdoors!

Though it’s not summer yet, now is as good a time as any to prepare for summer entertaining, starting from getting the bar set outdoor. Since it’s the outdoors, exposed to the weather conditions, it’s important to get something that’s functional while also stylish.

If you want quality, go for FSC certified teakwood, the wood that has natural oils to protect it from snow, rain, and sun. The certification means you get a bar set outdoor perfect that’s eco-friendly, so you can be sure your entertainment isn’t at the expense of the environment, it’s sustainable!

Apart from being resistant to the harsh Australian weather, teak makes an easy material to maintain, a property that comes in handy when having a bar outdoors. For instance treating it with a sealant is up to taste, not necessity. On the plus side, it’s easy to clean too, perfect when you’re out relaxing and don’t intend to spend your time on chores.

As the centrepiece, the bar gets a lot of the attention, and teak is rightfully the choice because wood is always welcome when wanting to create a warm ambiance. Besides, wood is a great option to increase your home’s value!

To make the most of the bar, it’s advisable to get a cooler for the drinks, taking the cooling into consideration, opting for an energy-efficient one, that’s practical and provides enough storage for the amount of drinks you want to keep at hand. It’s good to note coolers are also part of the décor.

If you want to amaze your guests, you have enough time to work on your mixology skills, getting the books and the needed equipment for cocktails. You can have fun mixing up drinks of your own, naming them after loved ones. With a bar in summer, it sounds like a lot of fun is guaranteed, right?