We all want comfort in our lives, nowadays more so than before because of the busy lifestyles we lead. A huge part of comfort has to do with clothing, so it’s no surprise street wear has made it into such a trend over the years, about 40 to be exact.

Though primarily known as the clothing of people into the surf and skateboarding cultures, as it was them who wore such clothing pieces, and some of them who started creating the clothing altogether, like Shawn Stussy, it didn’t take long for it to grow into a style, the one that spoke to people of hip-hop, punk, rave, and youth in general.

Of course, this proved to be quite a profitable business, as it opened a niche many were interested in, so many brands emerged that have turned into classics by now. High quality street wear is composed of brands that aren’t afraid to push the boundary of style, surpassing the lifespan of a trend, and turn into a culture (yes, a culture, and not mere clothing!) of timelessness.

Even if you don’t think you fit in with that culture, you’d still find a piece that speaks to you greatly, because wearing street wear isn’t just about style, it’s about lifestyle too: a lifestyle of comfort.

Nowadays, when the boundaries of formal and casual clothing have become blurred (so longer strict dress codes), it’s possible to wear streetwear in any setting you set your mind to, because the pieces can be used in a number of combinations.

It’s nothing unusual to see sneakers paired with more formal trousers, or even skirts; moreover it was thanks to streetwear that there came to be a blur between the classes too, since clothing used to be a way of expressing one’s belonging to a specific class, and it was streetwear that became the desired clothing of the poor, as much as of those of the working-class, middle class, even high class.

Street Wear (3)

Not surprisingly, we can now see the merging of luxury clothing with streetwear, as in the example of the merging of brands like Louis Vuitton and Supreme; the perfect example of how influential this culture has come to be. It’s impossible to stay immune to streetwear, staying immune to it is like staying immune to comfort.

While we see trends coming and going, we can be certain streetwear isn’t going anywhere, it’s here to stay for good – we can only wait to see what more there’s in store when it comes to surprises for all of the streetwear fans.