The Lowdown on Overgrips: Tennis Accessories That Will Improve Your Game

The Lowdown on Overgrips: Tennis Accessories That Will Improve Your Game

When you get out on the court, you need to make sure that you have all the essential tennis equipment. Apart from your tennis racket, tennis balls, and breathable clothing, you will also need certain accessories that will step up your game and improve your comfort while playing. One of these accessories is the overgrip.

What Are Overgrips?

Grip tapes or tennis overgrips are simple wraps that go around your racket handle. You can use them to enhance traction, absorb perspiration, and prevent blisters. They’re made of thin, high-stretch felt, and are available in a variety of vibrant colours. These accessories help players of all levels keep their racquet stable in their hands while also reducing wear on the main grip that came with their racquet.

Many pro players switch them out every time they pick up their racquet to ensure they have the most solid grip possible. Even if you can’t afford to change yours as regularly, you can still get the benefits of switching it from time to time.

Why Do You Need an Overgrip?

grip tapes


Increase Traction

Overgrips are used primarily to provide traction and prevent the racquet from sliding or twisting in the hands of players. Your racquet’s grip loses tackiness as it ages, becoming slipperier and less effective. But thanks to the tennis overgrips on the market, you’re able to replace it as soon as it wears out for a low price.

These racquet grips improve traction in two ways:

  • Texture: Some of them feature a particular texture or ridged surface.
  • Tack: Others are characterised by a sticky feel that prevents your hand from slipping.

Absorb Sweat

When you start sweating, it’s often difficult to keep a solid hold on your racquet, as you’ve probably experienced. Overgrips help you manage perspiration.

Players that play indoors or in hotter temperatures choose grips with better sweat absorption. Keep in mind, though, that you don’t have to apply the same one every time. You may want to carry a couple of alternative grips in your bag if you play in a range of circumstances.

Prevent Blisters and Injuries

These grips can help you avoid blisters. If you’re a novice player who has only recently begun learning how to play tennis, you’re more prone to blisters since your hands haven’t yet accustomed to the friction you’ll experience when playing.

In the grand scheme of things, blisters aren’t such major injuries. Multiple blisters or one on the wrong portion of your hand, on the other hand, is excruciatingly painful and, in the worst-case scenario, induces you to change your swing, potentially resulting in elbow and shoulder problems.

Get a Mental Boost

Tennis is not only a physical sport but also a mental one. Emotions, anxiety, and uncertainty can all seep in and send you into a tailspin. Taking a minute during a changeover to replace your overgrip is one way to give yourself a mental lift. This might make you feel like you’re starting again and give you the mental push you need to get things back on track.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Overgrip?

replacing overgrip


These accessories are affordable, so it’s worth replacing them frequently to guarantee a secure grip on your racquet. On the other hand, how often you replace your grip is a matter of personal taste.

Here are a few things to consider when determining how long your overgrip will last:

  • The state of the weather: An overgrip’s efficiency can quickly deteriorate in hot or humid conditions.
  • How much you sweat: If you swear a lot, you will need to change your grip more often.
  • The court surface: Clay courts tend to make racquet overgrips deteriorate faster. Even if the grip doesn’t touch the ground, you’ll be handling tennis balls that have, and the grip will be affected.
  • How you store your racquet: If you don’t store your racquets in a bag, dirt and debris can cling to them, decreasing their lifespan.
  • Racquet abuse: If you drop or throw your racquet, your grip will take a battering as well, resulting in the need for replacement.

Under normal circumstances, most players will notice that their racquet overgrip begins to lose its tackiness after three or four times of playing tennis. At this point, it becomes more difficult to maintain a good grip. This is a good indication that you should change the grip.

I recommend changing your overgrip at least when your racquet is restrung. If you don’t string your racquet regularly, though, you may need to replace your grip more frequently.

You’ve probably waited too long if your grip begins to shred or tear, and you should replace it as soon as possible. Finally, how often you change your overgrip will be determined by how significant the sticky and sweat-absorbing features are.

Bottom Line

tennis overgrips


Tennis is a fun and beneficial sport for people of all ages. It gives you a chance to socialise with friends and family, and it helps you shed some extra kilos. However, playing tennis also requires having the right equipment and accessories, much like football or basketball. Tennis overgrips are among the most important accessories to step up your game. They provide comfort and protection, and they prolong the life of your racquet’s grip.

The Best Gifts for Your Toddler’s Next Birthday

The Best Gifts for Your Toddler’s Next Birthday


baby girl riding on an orange scooter

Scooters are an excellent way for your child to learn balance and motor skills. They can be his favourite toy to play with, both in the house and outside. Some parents consider scooters to be unsafe for their kids, but nowadays, manufacturers have taken all of the possible safety precautions to make them as safe as possible. Plus, you can add a helmet and knee and elbow pads for maximum protection.

Riding a scooter has many benefits for kids. For instance, a well-balanced 3 wheel scooter can be great for boosting agility and stability. Plus, scooters can contribute to your child’s independence because of the possibility to explore and learn. They can boost their confidence as they can help them learn and explore.

After learning how to ride the scooter, they might want to try a skateboard or even a longboard as an upgrade. Their grip and strength will improve together with the feeling of freedom and fun. Plus, they’ll understand the importance of safety by wearing helmets and elbow and knee pads. When you’re buying a 3 wheel scooter for your child, there are several factors to consider.

The first is the weight. Depending on the child’s age, you’ll determine how heavy should the scooter be. The second is noise. Some scooters make so much noise you’ll hear them from far away. And the last is longevity. You don’t want to buy a scooter today and have to replace it in the first month. Always choose high-quality materials that will last for a long time.


Since their invention in 1932, Legos have been one of the children’s favourite toys. They are the representation of every child’s dreams and wishes. They build and create amazing things such as castles, cars, houses, animals, plants, etc. Practically, anything they can imagine can come to life. They can be anything they want, builders, architects, suppliers, directors, drivers, superheroes, gardeners and anything else that comes to mind.

Kids learn how to communicate while playing with Legos. If they do it with someone else, they communicate in order to complete what they have in mind. They learn how to listen and understand other people’s needs, how to respect each other’s opinions and how to follow rules. They’ll learn how to share and stay focused for a long time. Their imagination can run wild while they think about stories and characters involved in their Lego creation.

They’ll grasp the importance of problem-solving by dealing with construction issues and have a firsthand experience with symmetry, patterns and quantity. By pushing the Legos together and separating them, kids develop hand-to-eye coordination and gain strength in their arms and fingers. They learn how to make mistakes and fix them as soon as possible. When they finish the creation, they’ll feel confident and proud. Even if you don’t feel like picking up Legos all over the house, think about all of the benefits they have for your kids.


a kid having a marvel costume birthday party

Costumes and dress-up games can be one of the greatest experiences for kids. You can buy them amazing costumes that represent their favourite superhero, cartoon character, job or hobby. They’ll have the ability to become someone else, even just for a short time. It allows children to pretend to be somebody or something extraordinary, representing their individuality and recent hobbies. It also encourages independence by enabling learners to develop self-care skills.

They’ll work on their mental abilities and motor skills by learning how to fasten buttons, close a zipper or a Velcro, and tie laces to get dressed in their costume. It can get frustrating at times, but they’ll learn patience and persistence. They think outside the box when they get into the character by creating new moves, words and stories for their character to go through.

There are so many costumes you can choose from. If your kid loves superheroes, you can go with Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, Thor, The Flash, Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel. You can also go for different occupations such as a doctor, firefighter, archeologist, astronaut, construction worker, farmer, etc. Plus, you can choose from a myriad of cartoon characters and animals that will bring out hours and hours of play and pretend for your dearest.

Play Sets

While action figures and playsets meet the needs of a child of any age and interests, they all provide similar play benefits. To begin with, they offer a terrific substitute for screen time and encourage creative play, which helps build creative talents. It doesn’t matter if the playset and figurines are from a fantasy planet or smaller copies of our grown-up world; youngsters will use these toys to make stories, events, and journeys by combining their actual knowledge with their fantasies.

In Summary

Choosing the best birthday gift for your toddler will be a piece of cake if you know exactly what it wants. What keeps them entertained and focused is what makes them excited and develops their character through play. The first and most important purpose of toys is to provide fun, and all of the extra benefits you get are just a plus in the child’s development.

Spotting Scope: A Tool Useful for More than Recreational Hunting

Spotting Scope: A Tool Useful for More than Recreational Hunting

Do you enjoy hunting or target shooting in your spare time? If either of these activities strikes a tone of familiarity with you, then not only are you comfortable with being outdoors, you’ve also probably entertained thoughts about outdoor optic devices.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Carrier and What to Consider When Buying One

Benefits of a Motorcycle Carrier and What to Consider When Buying One

Bikes should be driven free and wild, with no restrictions on where they can go. But there are some cases when you need to transport your motorcycle by another means of transportation. Whether you’re just a casual motorcycle rider or an adventurer, there are several ways to transport your bike with you. The best one is with the help of a motorcycle carrier.


Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Longboard

Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Longboard

Riding on a board, be it on the pavement, snow, or waves is one of the coolest and most fun activities. Boarding started on the water, but it soon transitioned to the streets. When it comes to boarding on pavement, we all know that skateboarding started it, but there is another similar activity that is more fun. Longboarding is much like skateboarding but it is a lot to get the hang of it and it provides the same benefits as skateboarding.

For example, riding a longboard can promote weight loss and it can be a great way to get your exercise for the day. Longboarding improves both your balance and your core muscles while making your body more flexible. Longboarding can also be a great way to put your mind off of stressful situations and it can also help enhance your sleep. But like any activity that involves a board you have to know how to find the right one.

How Do I Choose a Longboard for a Beginner?

man longboarding on road


While a board is not as complex, the parts that make it rideable are what make things complicated. One of these components is the truck. Longboard trucks allow the board to turn since they provide the axles for the wheels. When you look for a longboard buy online and pay attention to the type of trucks it uses. There are two types of trucks – standard kingpin and reverse kingpin trucks. The latter are more popular since they work well with longboards while the former is more common with smaller boards.


The length of the deck will affect your riding experience. The longer the board the more stable it will be at high speeds, but also the harder to maneuver it will be when it comes to tight corners and sharp turns. Shorter decks will allow you to maneuver them more easily but they are not as stable as longer ones.


The flex of the board is well important too as it can affect your handling too. Decks with a little bit of flex to them are going to be more stable but harder to control while decks with more flex are going to be less forgiving but far easier to control.


The bearings are what’s inside the wheels. They make the wheels turn a lot easier. The bigger the bearings the more you need to push the board as they will not provide you with a lot of momentum from one push. On the other side, smaller bearings will allow for faster acceleration but you’ll have to work double-time when it comes to maintaining your speed.


The wheels or their construction will also play a part in how smooth and quick your ride will be. Softer wheels will be able to provide a smoother ride and more grip but they won’t be as effective when it comes to going into tight corners or last as long. Stiffer wheels are more rugged but they also provide better control over your board.

Types of Longboards

man walking with a longboard buy in hand


With a cruiser board, you get a wider deck that allows you to enjoy the long trips you take with your board or even the ones you take around town. A Cruiser is a longboard to buy in this instance since it is versatile and usually smaller than your typical longboard.


If you don’t know what exactly you want a longboard for then look for a longboard buy online that will give you the highest level of versatility – a freestyle board. A Freestyle longboard skateboard can blend many styles of both longboarding and skateboarding so whatever it is that you’re going to be doing it will go well with a freestyle board.


With a commuter board, you get exactly what you would expect from a board made just for your daily commute. Commuter longboards have large wheels and longer wheelbase which makes them extremely sturdy so you can go over bumps more easily.


guy carving on a longboard

If you want to get a longboard just to enjoy riding down mellow hills then you probably enjoy carving. In this case, the best longboard to buy would be a carver board as it will allow you to enjoy carving thanks to its flexible construction that will let you snap to your carves more easily.


A freeride longboard lets you enjoy riding on steep roads while you slide from one side to the other just like you would with a snowboard. These longboards usually have asymmetrically shaped decks with a deep concave to help you plant your feet in place.

Downhill Riding

If you purely want to go down a hill with a longboard, there is a type of board made for that. A downhill riding board can handle high speeds as they have directionally shaped decks with extremely stiff construction.

Should a Beginner Get a Longboard?

A beginner should definitely go for a longboard as there are longboards made to make your beginnings a lot easier. Longboards are generally a lot easier to handle than skateboards and getting a longboard made just for beginners is going to make things even easier.

NBA Michael Jordan Jersey Guide: The Perfect Gift for MJ Fans

NBA Michael Jordan Jersey Guide: The Perfect Gift for MJ Fans

The impact Michael Jordan had on professional basketball cannot be more profound. No other player in NBA history is as widely recognised as altering the game to the standards and levels of athleticism that we see today. His sheer on-court presence, scoring ability, defensive tactics, and leadership lead to one of the longest winning streaks in the game’s history. The Chicago Bulls was the dominant team in the 1990s, leading to six championship titles. And at the helm of that team was the 23 jersey.