As a skateboarder, there’s probably nothing cooler than having your own setup of ramps and rails in your driveway where you can skate whenever you want. But putting together a few setups requires you to have some knowledge of all the different ramps and knowing how to combine them. That’s easier said than done, as skate ramps require you to have some knowledge about them, so you can make a better-informed buying decision.

If you’ve graduated getting on and off the skateboard, and want to move up the ladder, it’s time to master performing tricks, grinding and jumping off tracks. And as aforementioned, knowing the differences between the different types and sizes of ramps will ensure you progress safely and swiftly. Here are the most popular types of ramps that are the foundation of every skating setup.


The Half-Pipe Ramp

The half-pipe is probably the most iconic skateboard ramps for sale you can find. It’s named for its resemblance to a half-cut pipe that’s laid to the side. Half-pipes have a flat section in the middle and sides that curve and rise up. You can perform numerous tricks on it, as well as flips and turns. They also usually feature an area on top, which you can use to start from, go over the edge and use the momentum you build to propel yourself to the other side.

The Quarter-Pipe Ramp

As the name suggests, the quarter-pipe ramp is a half of a half-pipe ramp. These are oftentimes used simply because they’re convenient to transport because of their size. Some skateboarders put two quarter-pipes together back to back to create a setup where they can launch off one ramp and come back down on the other.

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The Vertical Ramps

If you’re looking for more advanced skateboard ramps for sale, then a good choice is the vertical ramp. These are commonly found in skate parks, but you can probably incorporate it into your backyard as well. The vertical ramp is a half-pipe ramp with its sides built up a few decimetres before the top. This allows the skater to perform some tricks that aren’t possible on half-pipes and quarter-pipes.

The Mini-Ramps

Mini-ramps are the most simple ramps that don’t have a vertical slope across their entire surface. They’re designed to put onto other surfaces or to be used as jumping obstacles.

The Launch Ramp

Launch ramps are similar to mini-ramps and are used for basic tricks and small jumps. They feature a curved plane and a slightly vertical shift that the skater can use to get some airtime.