As homeowners, we are preoccupied with making the inside of our home look beautiful so much that we often forget about decorating the exterior. Truth is, the look of your exterior is just as important given the fact that it’s the first thing people notice about your home. And it doesn’t necessarily take a lot to boost your curb appeal and make your outdoor space more inviting for lounging or entertaining. Here are some simple décor ideas to turn your outdoor space into a stylish and comfortable extension of your home.


Decorate a Wall

What do you do whenever you want to make a quick and easy change to your interior? You bring in some stunning wall art of course. Well, the same decorating trick can be applied to your exterior as well with the help of gorgeous outdoor wall art. Express your personality by creating a feature wall or sprucing up your alfresco with wall décor according to your taste. There’s plenty of outdoor wall art to choose from, like for instance a decorative wooden screen with an exotic flair, an interesting painted mural, or some printed art made of aluminium that can resist the elements. Enhancing your exterior with a stylish wall statement is a sure way to impress anyone within a visible vicinity of your home.

Carry Some Inside Comforts Out

Treating your front porch, deck, or alfresco as you would do an interior room doesn’t only mean bringing some basic furniture pieces out. It also means enhancing the level of comfort with some lovely accessories that also bring a decorative touch to the space. Lining the floors with a gorgeous, thick rug is a stylish way to define the limits of the lounging area which also gives you the benefit to take off your shoes. And there’s no better way to make your seating set more cosy than with the help of pillows.

Let It Glow

Sure, there’s nothing better than soaking in the sun rays on a beautifully decorated front porch, but an outdoor space should look equally as beautiful at night as well. Considering this, a good choice of lighting can help you set an inviting atmosphere and get the most of your outdoor space. That doesn’t necessarily mean shining a big, bright spotlight on your porch. In fact, going with elegant lighting fixtures such as wall sconces, string lights, lanterns can give your space a romantic appeal without compromising functionality. If you’re extra creative, you can use wall sconces as a way to showcase some stunning outdoor wall art and give your outdoor space a wow factor.