The name ‘gin’ comes from the French word for juniper, “genievre”. Its key ingredients are high-quality neutral alcohols and botanical substances such as juniper, coriander, angelica and pure water. Gin originated in Holland and was brought to England in the late sixteenth century by soldiers. Soon, it began to compete with the two other spirit drinks in England at that time, rum from the West Indies and brandy from France. Little did they know how it would change the game forever.


Why Is Gin Special?

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Gin’s story is an ambivalent one. It’s been drunk by both kings and commoners. On one hand, it inspired the first modern drug craze in 18th century London. On the other hand, London dry gin became a symbol of sophistication. In spite of the dark shadows of its past, it’s worshipped in modern bar culture.

There are no restrictions or production standards. Unlike scotch, whisky or tequila, no precise territorial origin is imposed on gin makers. The market, once dominated by a few global players producing undifferentiated, low-priced products, is now dominated by numerous handcrafting distillers making highly differentiated premium products. A ‘ginaissance’ is on the rise.

Just as someone’s favourite song or special coffee cup can tell their story, so can their favourite drink. A gin lover likes to taste both sides of the spectrum. Ranging from the classics Martini and Negroni to unconventional gin and chocolate gifts, when aiming to please a gin enthusiast, aim for a contradictory combination of traditions and trends.

What Do You Get a Gin Lover? 

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Gin and Chocolate Gifts 

Can you mix alcohol with chocolate? You bet!

It’s a matter of taste. When pairing chocolate with alcohol always look for one that is low in tannins and acidity because chocolate contains both. You can experiment with different types of spirits and wines and find the right combination for your palate but there are certain pairs that really don’t go together.

Luckily, chocolate artisans, connoisseurs and craft gin makers have come together to pair different flavours, create versatile gin and chocolate combinations and entertain your taste buds. Allow your friend to taste gins from some of Australia’s best distilleries but with a cocoa twist as innovative brands offer gin and chocolate gifts.

There are a few basic tips for combining gin and chocolate. Firstly, you should always choose high quality gin. Even the best tasting cocoa beans can’t compensate for the lack of good taste in a cheap spirit.

Secondly, pay attention to the flavours and aromas of your gin. Is it a classic dry gin that’s all about the juniper or are you using handcrafted gin that has a special herbal touch to it? This will influence the success of your gin and chocolate pairing.

Thirdly, make an exact match of tastes or a complete contrast when you are unsure. The dryness of gin makes it ideal for mixing and matching with lighter fruits. They work naturally with herbs, which are the essence of gin, adding a new dimension to the gin and chocolate experience.

To complement without overwhelming is an art, one that can be achieved by pairing a milder gin with white chocolate. The gentleness of white chocolate can handle the depth of the juniper berries with style and grace.

100% cacao butter white chocolate with real strawberries, cream & a hint of peppermint would go perfectly with Pink Gin or a Sloe Gin. Sloe gin is also a match with a G&T Strawberries and Cream chocolate while Marmalade Milk chocolate and Negroni Pink Gin are a match made in heaven. Combine Ruby Chocolate with a perky pink gin.

Last but not least, you can try gin and tonic with, you guessed it, G&T dark chocolate. Double a gin lover’s gin and tonic experience without doubling the alcohol content. Packed in beautiful hand-drawn artwork boxes, gin and chocolate gifts will add sweetness to anyone’s life before they even taste them.

Ready-to-Mix Cocktail Packs 

For the cocktail lover, bring all the perks of a bar in a box. Only this time, they’ll get exactly what they need in the privacy of their own home. Who needs packed shelves of expensive bottles and tonic water and prosecco that will lose their fizz as soon as you open them? Instead of your friends paying more and getting less, give them the exact quantity that they need. In ready-to-mix cocktail packs, all ingredients are neatly packed in 50ml bottles together with the right glass that creates and elevates the cocktail experience.

Being a cocktail protégé is easy when the preparations are done before the process begins. Ready-to-mix cocktail packs also include garnishes, usually dehydrated citrus wheels, one of gin’s best companions. You would think that you can’t go wrong with mixing gin and tonic but it’s not about getting it wrong, it’s about making it perfect.

The gin and tonic is an unbeatable combination and a pinnacle of mixed drinks. The Aussie gins from Australian gin distilleries included in ready-to-mix Gin & Tonic cocktail packs are made using many Australian botanicals besides the classic ingredients. The tonic water is preferred by many bartenders due to its unique dry finish and lower sugar content.

The Martini gift set includes a 50ml bottle of Australian Craft Gin together with a 50 ml bottle of Australian Dry Vermouth. Stirred, shaken, dry or dirty, a Gibson or Vesper glass is ideal for any type of Martini and is also part of the ready-to-mix cocktail pack. You can choose the type of Aussie gin you want to be included in the pack.

Is your friend a fan of the classics, like Melbourne Dry Gin? Or are they down to try something new every time, making Triple Juniper Gin or Signature Dry gin with an enriched plethora of botanicals ideal choices? For the Prosecco lover, Australian gin and prosecco create the perfect love match, the French 75 ready-to-mix cocktail pack. Swap cliché with chic and give your friend the ultimate experience as they sip from a Copa glass.

Gin Glassware 

There’s something about the right glass that brings out all the tastes and subtleties to the surface. When it comes to gin, there is no original and traditional glass. They have evolved, as has the drink, providing you with an assortment of glasses to choose from and complement a gin lover’s home bar.

The Copa de Balon means balloon glass in Spanish. It can hold from 600ml to 800ml of liquids, meaning lots and lots of ice for summer. The ice is less prone to melt quickly, making it ideal for hotter countries. The Martini glass has made a mark on the world and you can never go wrong with choosing one but have you ever tried a Coupe glass? It’s a bit rounded in the form of a bowl, with a more vertical rim making spillage harder. If your friend loves retro styles, this glass will surely charm them.

A Lowball is a short glass usually 350-400ml in size and is a common choice for many cocktails. Although it’s handy for a modest gin and tonic, you might want to get this glass if your friend prefers a neat drink.

In contrast, a Highball glass can hold larger cocktails that have juice, soda water and fresh herbs. Good choice for a Tom Collins but if that’s your friend’s favourite cocktail, definitely go with the custom Tom Collins glass. It has a similar volume but different dimensions, offering a completely different experience. It’s believed that the vertical sides prolong the fizz and bubbles.

Gin Books

For those who are thirsty for knowledge besides a Martini or Negroni, there is a variety of gin books that would give extra meaning to their nightcap. For history fans, choose “The Curious Bartender’s Guide To Gin”, where gin’s journey from the Middle Ages to the Gin Craze and finally, to its commercialisation is laid down by Tristan Stephenson, an award-winning bar operator.

For fans and supporters of Australian gin, the book “Australian Gin” by David Box is a great introduction to its origins history and development. This book would be perfect for the dedicated lovers that have been thinking of going into the gin distilling business themselves. No matter if they need the right push or are perfectionists wanting to get to the core, this book covers everything from different gin styles to how to start a distillery and the issues distilleries face.

For the mixology fans, “Gin Made Me Do It” is an illustrated book that presents the versatile potential of gin. Cocktail expert Jassy Davis explains how to choose the perfect blend, mix the ultimate martini, and deliver delicious cocktails for every occasion. Your friend could take a pick from 60 delicious recipes, ranging from classic to atypical.

Corporate Gin Boxes

You’ve been meaning to compliment colleagues or spoil clients and you are looking for something fresh and fun but reasonable. Corporate gin boxes specifically designed for a group of gin enthusiasts, all locally crafted and packed in sustainable boxes, showing off your thoughtful side. Corporate gin boxes can include a selection of 2 Australia’s finest craft gins, 2 packs of tonic and a garnish or gin and chocolate gifts that sends everyone in a daze.