How To Make Your Ride Quieter with Mass Loaded Vinyl

How To Make Your Ride Quieter with Mass Loaded Vinyl

If you are considering making your car quieter but don’t want to mess with the engine or inspect car sounds yourself, sound deadening your vehicle is what you can do instead. This may not apply to newer vehicles, but if you want to go one step further with yours, you can still install a sound deadening material. While there are a lot of such materials, one that springs to mind the most is a mass loaded vinyl barrier.

This type of barrier is made from vinyl which has been filled with either barium sulphate or calcium carbonate. The elasticity and viscosity of MLV allows it to change its shape without cracking or deforming. This is crucial as this way sound that comes from your car is absorbed into the material and slowly decreased. MLV is also known for keeping vehicles cooler and enhancing the surround system. If your vehicle comes with sound insulation, you needn’t do anything but if it doesn’t – you need to install some MLV.

How To Install Mass Loaded Vinyl

men instalation products for sound proof insulation


Good preparation will help you make the most out of the materiel and spare you from spending more time than needed for this job. Mass loaded vinyl requires three things in order to be properly installed: a razor, rubbing alcohol and a roller. Before you start installing the barrier you’ll need to prepare your vehicle by stripping the interior in order to get to the bear metal. You’ll need to clean the vehicle from any debris, oils and rust too in order for the mass loaded vinyl to stick to the surface. Remember this type of installation is for the long run, so the material need to stay in place for as long as can which is bets done with a clean surface.

Installing MLV

1. Installing a mass loaded vinyl barrier will not be the same on every part of the vehicle because the material needs to be measured and cut accordingly. You can install MLV on the doors, floor, roof and boot too but you’ll have to take your time with measuring precisely and cutting each piece. Make sure to have everything planned out before you start putting up the sound deadening material.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

2. Before you start sticking MLV on your car, first clean up the debris using a vacuum cleaner and make sure you’re thorough. Once that’s done, get rubbing alcohol and apply some on the bare metal with a soft cloth. Make sure you cover every nook and cranny with it so that the pieces of MLV stick on it properly. Any debris or oils can make the job for the adhesive extremely hard and the material can fall off quickly. You can also cut the material while applying it to the metal – just cut it with the razor where you want it to end before you cover an area with it.

3. To apply the MLV insulation on any area first peel of a bit of the backing, usually the top half is a better solution but if you want you can peel of the whole backing. Put the exposed adhesive on the area you want it to cover and apply some pressure with your hands. Get the roller and do the same thing but more thoroughly so that no air is left between the metal and the adhesive. This can be tedious but doing it properly will go a long way. Once this task is finished, you’ll just need to put back the interior and you’re done.

Additional Sound Deadening Tips

Tire Change


Sometimes insulation is just not enough, which is why you may also need to change your tyres. Since they are the only component that touches the ground they can have a big impact on road noise. The vibrations from the road and engine can be quite hefty on tyres and over time the noise can become even more apparent.

Tire Width & Size

Width and size are the two main factors when considering getting tyres that can effectively reduce the noise coming from your car. If low-profile tyres are your thing, you’ll need to forget about them since they are not as effective as high-profile ones. While the former are more visually attractive, they provide the least amount of rubber between the metal and concrete. The more rubber there is between the two the better as rubber much like MLV can absorb much of the sound coming form both the metal and concrete.

When it comes to the width of the tyres, you should go for the thicker ones. The more surface area there is in contact with the road the better as this way more vibrations are absorbed and less noise is generated. You’ll also want to put the narrowest possible wheels your vehicle can work with. This helps reduce noise since there will be less metal for vibrations to come in contact with.



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Moving Homes: With Pro’s Supplies to No Damaged Items

Having to move to a new house is both an exciting and a stressful experience. Last time I moved it was a roller coaster of emotions – I was excited about the new life I was starting, but I dreaded all the work I had to do to fully move all of my belongings to the new house. As I started calling some friends to help me with everything, one of them suggested that I should hire moving services instead. After talking it through with him and weighing all the pros and cons, I figured I might as well give it a shot.

After conducting some research, I found a company that offered such moving services and let them handle the whole process. And boy was I glad I made that decision. As soon as they took over, I was instantly at ease. They came with a professional truck and had the manpower and all the necessary moving supplies. At first I thought any box can be a moving box and didn’t think about all of the moving supplies I’d have to buy that would ultimately cost me more than I initially expected. Here’s a few of the things I saw the movers using that regardless whether you’re moving by yourself or getting professionals to do it for you, you should have at your disposal.

Moving Supplies


Cardboard boxes should be avoided. Purchasing new ones is expensive and using old ones can lead to mishaps like the boxes ripping down during transport and you ending up with broken items. Professional movers use reusable plastic boxes designed specifically for the task. They come in many sizes and shapes, and some even have extra features that will ensure all your kitchenware and clothes are moved conveniently and safely.

Butcher Paper

Butcher paper is something that didn’t come to mind when I was planning moving by myself. However, the moving company used if for pretty much everything – wrapping breakable objects (which kept cracks and scuffs to a minimum) they used it as jar tops for bath products, preserves and salts (tying them and tagging them so I know what is what when they arrive in my new home), etc. This added an extra layer of protection to pretty much everything I owned.

Tools & Other

I’m not a handyman myself, so I didn’t have screwdrivers, wrenches and hammers at my disposal, which are essential to dismantling large pieces of furniture into parts in order to transport them easier. Besides tools, a few ropes and trash bags to tie up big bundles and pack unnecessary stuff to throw away will always come in handy.