Container gardening is a sword with two edges – it can be both beneficial and detrimental to a plant. On the pro side – you can easily control the surrounding soil environment, but on the negative side – the plant’s roots can become either too wet or too dry – depending on your watering habits. For that very reason, self-watering planting boxes are the ideal alternative way to keep your plants alive and thriving.

The art of gardening has been transformed in the past couple of years, all thanks to the improvements in gardening equipment and the cool invention in the form of self-watering planter boxes which have become a very popular choice among the avid gardener. But why are these cool planters such a beneficial addition to your garden?


Convenience at Its Finest

The automatic watering system that a self-watering garden box has makes it much easier to keep plants alive. If you have a busy lifestyle or are going on a holiday, you can easily relax knowing that your plants are literally looking after themselves. The self watering planter box offers you an easier way to have the garden of your dreams without exerting yourself too much.

Conserving Water

Have you ever noticed that when you water your plants manually, most of the water seeps away or evaporates? Thanks to this modern invention, you will greatly minimize the amount of water you spend on them as it will be protected in the reservoir. Water will be slowly released into the soil, which means there will be no excess of it to be drained off. Not to mention how big of a deal this is in this modern day when we aim to be more environmentally friendly.

Better Care for Your Plants

While undoubtedly being a huge benefit for gardeners, these pots are very beneficial for the plants in them as well. Plants that are grown in conventional gardens get their water sporadically, which in turn results in them growing sporadically. On the other hand, a plant that is grown in a self watering planter box gets a constant water supply, which helps it grow continuously.

Another benefit of these gardening boxes is their closed system design which concentrates the soil nutrients solely for the use of the plant in the planter. In other words, none of the moisture or soil nutrients are being lost to the neighboring plants nor are absorbed by the vacant patches of soil that’s between the plants.