Ask any Australian motorist and they’ll tell you that automotive security is just as important as automotive safety. And as motor vehicle theft, along with break-ins, and attempted break-ins have become a growing concern for Australians, vehicle owners are increasingly looking for ways to protect their property.

Although it’s impossible to make your car, ute, or caravan 100% theft-, or tamper-proof, the technology is readily available to turn the security odds in your favour. There are discreet, real-time GPS-capable security systems on the market that are affordable enough for private vehicle owners, but scaleable enough for fleet administrators. The fact is, knowing that one of the most effective GPS-based systems is built on Australian innovation is an indicator of just how effective you can expect it to be at combating one of the country’s most daunting problems.


LiveTrack GPS Trackers Give You Eyes on Your Vehicle at All Times

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Let’s be honest: no matter the time of day, the location, or the circumstances, having a vehicle stolen or broken into is one of the most stressful events anyone can possibly go through. Unfortunately, No one is exempt; but modern LiveTrack STEALTH™ vehicle GPS trackers are the best option when it comes to staying in contact with your property and ahead of thieves.

Although most cars manufactured in the last 20 years come factory-equipped with some type of proprietary anti-theft technology or car tracker, they simply don’t take into account that a lost or stolen key, an unlocked door, or a window left partially open on a hot day are still the easiest targets for thieves and vandals. And with half of all vehicles stolen in Australia taken directly from in front of their owner’s homes – a further 70% of which are stolen with their own keys – owners need the assurance and reliability that LiveTrack GPS tracker devices have to offer, including:

  • Easily concealed GPS vehicle tracking chip whose size is smaller than a box of matches;
  • Full adaptability to any type of car or ute, motorbike, trailer, or caravan with a 6V – 36V battery source; and,
  • Instant vehicle location statuses are sent directly to any Android or IoS-compatible device through LiveTrack’s iCar® mobile app and Google Maps.

Real-time geo-location visibility is what gives LiveTrack STEALTH GPS tracking solutions the advantage over all other types of vehicle security systems. No matter the time of day, they allow you to monitor, and record a range of your vehicle’s physical security parameters directly from a smartphone or tablet. You’re never in the dark about what’s happening to your vehicle, and this is an especially valuable attribute for older vehicles that don’t have any kind of serial anti-theft or anti-tamper features.

Vital Vehicle Movement Statics That Keep You Updated at All Times

LiveTrack STEALTH GPS was developed by Melbourne’s Ultimate9 in response to Australia’s persistently high rate of motor vehicle thefts. Their compact GPS car tracker solutions are built around the pinpoint accuracy and proximity positioning that GPS-based technologies offer for geo-locating anywhere in the world, and utilize 4G LTE, or 3G UMTS/HSUPA/HSDPA/GSM network availability to provide uninterrupted tracking and movement information anywhere in Australia.

Ideally, anytime you don’t have eyes directly on your vehicle, LiveTrack STEALTH GPS car trackers allow you, or anyone you’ve authorized to have visibility to your vehicle’s movement, to observe a full collection of vehicle location information directly from a smartphone, including:

  • Knowing precisely where your vehicle or anyone driving it is at all times;
  • The exact times that your vehicle has been in motion; and,
  • Knowing the precise speed it’s traveling, as well as the maximum speed it’s reached.

With its undetectable installation behind any trim or pillar panel, and no-interference characteristics with any of your vehicle’s other electrical security or charging systems, no one but you ever needs to know that your vehicle is being monitored by a LiveTrack GPS module. It’s the flawless accuracy and flexibility that you need to stay up-to-date on the travel status of family members anytime they’re driving your vehicle, or to give law enforcement the precise tracking information they need to recover your vehicle if it’s been stolen.

Break-in Protection That Places a Perimeter Around Your Vehicle

Car theft

While the main reason for having a GPS vehicle tracker is to prevent it from being stolen, thwarting a break-in that wouldn’t actually involve moving the vehicle is no less disturbing or challenging. This is especially problematic, however, for ute and wagon owners whose vehicles can be loaded with tools, clothes, or any other assortment of valuables. And as utes also comprise one of the largest segments of vehicle break-ins in Australia, you need a GPS vehicle tracker that doesn’t just follow your vehicle around the countryside – you need one that effectively surrounds it with a virtual fence.

The Geo-Fence security feature that’s integrated into LiveTrack STEALTH GPS trackers includes a built-in Parking & G-Sensor mode that’s designed to detect shocks or impacts to a vehicle that would indicate:

  • Anyone entering a preset, virtual Geo-Fence perimeter that you set up around your vehicle;
  • The possibility of an attempted vehicle break-in, tampering, or vandalism; or,
  • A non-powered attempt to move your vehicle beyond a geographic boundary that you’ve specified.

Make no mistake: LiveTrack STEALTH GPS vehicle trackers make up the most complete surveillance solution of its kind in Australia, and are the perfect complement to any factory-installed anti-theft system that your vehicle may have. And no matter if you’re using just one tracker in your daily driver, or multiple trackers on your car, bike, and trailer, they can bring you the peace of mind you need to be sure that your vehicle and its contents are safe, no matter where they are.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, Australian drivers need every possible advantage they can get to protect their vehicles from theft and break-ins. Undetectable GPS-based technologies are arguably the most effective solution on the market; that’s because they make no assumption that factory-installed options like kill switches, or brake or steering locks can’t be defeated.

With LiveTrack STEALTH vehicle GPS trackers, owners are able to employ the country’s most up-to-date technology to combat one of its most pressing problems. The fact is, just the knowledge that a vehicle is outfitted with a GPS tracker is often enough to dissuade would-be thieves. That makes LiveTrack systems the most proactive prevention around.