Even though plastic is almost always associated with pollution, it is still present in our lives. Be that as it may, people are continuously struggling to find ways to lower its usage to a minimum. Things have started by reducing the usage of plastic bags, and now we have come to the point where we are trying to reduce the usage of plastic straws. Amongst all else that can be done, something that can surely help a lot is having restaurant and cafe owners decide to eliminate plastic straws and use paper straws instead. This is a small step that you can do, but it can lead to many benefits. Here are some.

First of all, by switching from plastic to paper straws you will help lessen the damaging impact on the environment caused by plastic materials. As opposed to plastic, paper made straws are biodegradable. Plastic straws take years to decompose and more often then not they end up in landfills or oceans where they cause visible damage is only to get more serious as time passes by. They contaminate the water and present a serious threat to sea life. On the flip side, if paper straws do end up in the ocean, they will start to break down within just three days.

Contrary to the popular opinion that paper straws are not as durable as their plastic counterparts, they can be just as sturdy and reliable. It is important to be aware that today we live in a time when not being eco-conscious is frowned upon and in many cases even judged by people who are passionate about it, and for all the right reasons too. Even though paper straws are pricey, by implementing them into your business you will show how much you care and through that, you are likely to attract customers who share your values and appreciate your willingness to decrease pollution.

paper straws for drinks

Except for the two quite different options (plastic and paper), some manufacturers have tried to come up with something in between such as the bioplastics, also known as biodegradable plastics. Now although this label does sound more ethical, it still falls short when it comes to actually being the perfect solution. Bioplastics are made from natural materials such as cornstarch and do we really want to turn to a solution that wastes precious food which could be given to the hungry?

To sum it up, the past is, in fact, the future since before the invention of plastic straws, in 1888, all straws that were in use were in fact made from paper. There’s no denying that plastic is sturdier, but as mentioned above, paper straws aren’t far behind, especially since now manufacturers are striving to make them even more reliable.