Women can never have too many bags just like they can never have too many pairs of shoes! Besides giving you a safe and easy way to carry your belongings, whether going to the gym, running errands, or travelling, bags can keep your hands free at the same time so you can do other things, like holding onto a child’s hand or carrying groceries. Plus, they can slay an outfit like no other piece of accessory can!

Finding the ideal bag, however, has become much more challenging in modern times due to the wide range of styles and sizes available. However, the following guidelines narrow down the popular bag styles with which you can never go wrong, and should consider adding to your capsule wardrobe as soon as possible.


Clutch Bag: Where Little Means a Lot

If you look for a bag that goes well with everything and anything in your wardrobe, the elegant, sleek and stylish everyday clutch ticks all the boxes for ultimate convenience and style! Call it a daily kicker or a night warrior, these tiny purses make an outfit statement whether combined with maxi dresses, minimalist jewellery or staple shoes.

everyday clutch
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Given their versatility and stylistic appearance, clutches can nowadays be found in different shapes, sizes, colours and materials. In this regard, the traditional clutch for women which stands out for its timeless design, can be used for both formal occasions and dressy evenings out.

The devil is in the details, so pay special attention to the leather and hardware quality these traditional designs are made from. Also, think about the sort of fastening you need, and look for useful features like slip pockets or card slots that can make it stand out when making a purchase.

As opposed to the classic style, the statement style is your go-to accessory when you want to add a touch of personality to your outfit. This striking women’s clutch incorporates maximalist features in its design, fabrication, and accents in addition to a sumptuous construction, making it ideal for coordinated accessorizing.

On the other hand, the classic women’s envelope style, instantly recognizable by its fold-over front, easily switches from day to night while retaining its timeless beauty. This women’s clutch bag in which you can securely carry all your important documents, modernizes the laptop bag and is the perfect addition to any business casual wardrobe.

The crossbody clutch has formally taken the place of the conventional tote and slouch bag in daytime clothing. Every woman should have this everyday clutch in her wardrobe since it can store the essentials and is the perfect way to go from day to night-time wear. For a more elegant approach, it has been updated with a chain design. Try going with a big chain option for maximising the effect.

Crossbody Bag: Function and Style in One

When it comes to hands-free bag options, nothing beats the simple yet perfect crossbody bag. There are numerous different styles of cross-body bags available. In contrast to crossbody clutch bags, ordinary cross bodies are often modest in size and can be worn in several ways including on the hip because of their single, long strap. On the other hand, a zipper, clasp, or clip are just a few of the different types of closures that can be used to secure the top or front.

crossbody bag
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This versatile bag style is now regarded as a multipurpose accessory since they look good with any outfit, whether you’re going out on the town or running errands. In terms of design, the cross-body bag is similar to a backpack and a fanny pack in its stylish strap, and ease of access, but it has a more appealing and unquestionably far more elegant appearance.

Basket Bag for Year-Round Use

Imagine that the first day of summer has arrived. And while the sun is scorching, you are seeking for a purse to put your bikini, sunscreen, and beach towel in, but at the same time it should go well with your favourite stylish jumpsuit. Frustrating, right?

Instead of grabbing the first purse that comes to your hand, think about getting a handbag in a macramé or basket design. Weavings of cane, rattan, or wicker are what enable a basket bag’s sturdy and structural form that screams “vacation-ready”.

Moreover, the macramé bag has gorgeous patterns made of knotted cords or thread that result in holes of varied sizes. Because they keep sand from getting caught in cracks, these bags are great beach companions. You might also be surprised to hear that you can wear these great purses all year long! Basket bags give carefree, Boho-inspired clothing structure and individuality regardless of the season.

Satchel Bag to Revive the Classics

The classic satchel is what most people think of when they hear the phrase “classic handbag.” There are numerous ways to wear this very flexible purse design. Wear the short handles of the purses at the crook of your arm for a more feminine appearance, or cross your body for simpler carrying.

Satchels, which can range in size from extremely small to very large, are typically used to transport books. They are without a doubt the ideal option for daily use and remain a trustworthy option for carrying from class to class, or spiffing up your daily business casual clothes. For instance, a white leather satchel, a shirt or tank, and a satin midi skirt will make the perfect outfit!