As tempting as it is to believe that all welding tables and stands are capable of serving the exact same purpose, there’s one welder’s support that’s very different from the rest: pipe stands. Not only will most pipefitters and pipeline welders enthusiastically tell you how different they are, but they’ll also tell you how they can never have enough of them.

Pipe stands provide a height-adjustable, V-headed support that not only makes pipe handling easier, but also allows them to rotate 360° while being supported. They make it possible for pipefitters to work around the entire circumference of a pipe without taking a single step, resulting in massive savings in time and effort, with an equally exciting boost in productivity to match.


Heavy-Duty Pipe Stands are the Key to Pipe Welding Efficiency


Let’s be honest: any place where long, heavy lengths of pipe are being cut and fused together, there’s also an inherent need to make the job more efficient. That’s why regardless of whether it involves in-plant pipefitting or welding pipelines in the field, heavy-duty, load-rated pipe stands for welding are vital pieces of equipment that these businesses need to help their workflows move smoother.

Tripod and quadruped style welding pipe stands, available in folding- and fixed-leg configurations, and with a certified weight rating of up to 2200kg, are the professional’s preference for both indoor and outdoor pipe work. They’re lightweight, easy to set up and adjust, and are ideal for setting up and aligning all kinds of tubing, as well as curved and bent pipe stock in environments that involve:

  • Preparing, cleaning, and inspecting pipes before processing;
  • Cutting, fabricating, and welding pipe ends and joints; and,
  • Performing final pipe inspections for crack-, and leak-free joints.

Pipe stands also quality as crucial safety items. Australia’s Work Health and Safety (WHS) guidelines are incredibly precise about commercial and industrial business making the widest possible use of specialized stands as a way of reducing musculoskeletal disorders that could result from working in unconventional positions for extended lengths of time. Pipe stands, together with the use of welding clamps and other position-holding tools satisfy that objective fully, making it easier for welders to safely put their most efficient efforts into their work.

Pipe Stands are Essential Tools for Good Plant Maintenance

While it‘s no surprise that pipe welding jack stands are excellent facility tools to have in workshops, on pipeline construction sites, or any location where new installs are taking place, it’s just as important to have them where maintenance and engineering regularly need to be carried on existing works.

The pipes in high-pressure pneumatic and hydraulic systems, gas and water delivery systems, and even fire suppression and HVAC systems need regular maintenance, which is why pipe stands are also must-have items for pipefitters and maintenance teams at locations such as:

  • Power generation, heating, and cogeneration stations;
  • Residential, institutional, and professional facilities; and,
  • Refineries, chemical plants, and water supply and sanitation utilities.

The fact is, there’s a surprisingly wide range of unconventional trades and activities where pipe stands can, and should be used. Pipe and tube fabrication are standard processes for custom automotive exhaust system makers, power rack system designers, and even shipbuilders; and it’s the strength and portability that comes with heavy-duty pipe stands that help them turn ordinary tubing into something special.

Stand-top Selections Make Pipe Maneuvering Easier Than Ever


Small factors make the biggest differences when it comes to welding stands; and unlike the heavyweight, flat-top type stands that are used for most welding jobs, pipe welding jack stands for sale are designed to distinguish themselves in the smallest ways. Modern pipe stands feature multiple top attachments that allow pipefitters to work with virtually limitless sizes and dimensions of pipe, while also making it easier than ever to manage their productivity.

  • V-headed tops. Classic V-headed tops are the standard offering with most pipe stands. They allow for simple, stay-put pipe positioning, but can be quickly removed and swapped for wider angled tops (for larger diameter pipes) or replaced with another style of top.
  • Rubber roller tops. Rubber-wheeled roller tops are a wide-angled evolution of V-headed tops. They feature rubber wheels on the arms of the V-headed tops that allow pipes to freely rotate 360° on the stand.
  • Roller head sleeves. Roller sleeves are built with encased stainless steel balls that enable pipes to both rotate, as well as move back and forth. With their 400kg load ratings, roller sleeves are attached to V-headed tops, and are capable of working with nominal bore (NB) minimum pipe diameters of 80NB.

With these heavy-duty pipe stands, welding, joining, and fabricating pipes and tubing is more efficient than ever. Welders can be absolutely certain that every section of pipe that they’re working on is perfectly aligned and ready for the next operation, regardless of what that operation may be.

Use Pipe stands with Bead Rollers for Perfect Coupling Joints

Although welding is the most common type of pipe-joining process that pipefitters perform, it’s not the only one. There are occasions when, instead of welding, a simpler but equally reliable joint is necessary, and pipe stands can come in handy there as well.

Pipe bead rollers are used to form coupling surfaces on the lips of metal pipes and tubes, and it’s one of the most reliable practices for achieving leak-proof joints between metal, and non-metal connection points. A welding pipe stand outfitted with rollers is the ideal piece of equipment for supporting and stabilizing a section pipe for this operation, and high-quality bead rollers come with features that include:

  • 4140 hardened steel dies and gears;
  • The ability to work with multiple types of metal; and,
  • Tubing thickness up to 1.6mm.

A good bead roller is an indispensable tool for pipefitters working with various types of water, sewer, and even natural gas lines, and using one with the proper pipe stand can make these jobs go even easier.

The Final Word


At the end of the day, it’s not difficult to see why welders who work with pipes are so adamant about where they stand on stands. They help to make an otherwise incredibly demanding job a lot more straightforward. More so, however, by removing the poor posturing and heavy lifting from the job, they play an irreplaceable part in making it safer.

If your business, organization, or facility performs its own pipe installations and repairs, load-rated pipe stands for welding need to be on your equipment roster. They’re an investment in quality and safety that shouldn’t be overlooked.