While people in the northern hemisphere are bracing themselves for the coming winter, we can finally say bye to the layers of outfits and overloaded wardrobes with spring in the air. However, being part of the busy world, it’s not that easy to overlook the piles of work that are waiting for you. According to the Get Healthy at Work initiative of the NSW Government, the health condition of employees can make or break a business, so it’s more than important to keep well-being at an all time high. This includes what you do when you’re not at work as well, and you simply have to take the time to stand still in this constantly moving world. What better way to do so than by relaxing on your patio?

Since the outdoor area is supposed to be just as comfortable as your home interior, the kind of furnishing you choose shouldn’t compromise cosiness for style or size – you’re supposed to get the best of everything. Depending on the space you have available, you can opt for the table and chairs fit for the parties you have in mind of throwing with the shade awning to protect you from the weather disrupting your fun and rest. But when it comes to getting the utmost luxury, you have to make use of outdoor lounge furniture. Why so you might ask; the answer is two words – ancient Egypt. Back in the days of pharaohs and servants, it was the lounge chair that was part of the life of every royalty, at their disposal at any time for a meditative siesta.

Nowadays you won’t find ancient Egypt’s lounge comfort, but the one you can find is much better considering the outdoor lounge furniture options are vast that you can choose both a lounge chair and a whole lounge set to complete it with. You can fill up the space with some decorations, and if you’re up for the vintage flair, you can throw in some vintage piece of furniture to the design (for instance Montilla Outdoor Bench with antique finish). The type of material you decide to go for can have a say in the durability of your purchase. There are plenty of options, from wrought iron, steel to rattan, wicker and plastic, thus it’s all up to your style and the amount of maintenance you’d be up for that make the final decision.

When you’re relaxing on your lounge set it’s like having the best of both – a chair and an ottoman put together. It’s the perfect addition for your patio because you’ll have more reasons to stay outdoors breathing in some fresh air without feeling guilty for staying idle or devouring the stories of your favourite books for hours, having a cup of coffee or a cocktail. Not to even mention the amount of sunbathing you can get once summer days arrive. Now that’s the kind of enjoyment many would envy.