Gifting jewellery is always a good idea, especially for women. It often has a sentimental value, and the person will probably remember you every time they see the piece. They’ll remember the moment, atmosphere and even the words you said. It’s a convenient gift that will work even for those who have trouble choosing a present. Jewellery is long-lasting and can sometimes turn into a family heirloom that passes from one generation to another.

It’s very versatile, so you can always find something that will fit your budget and the other person’s taste and style. You can choose from rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and much more. In some cases, you can even customise the gift and add to it an element of your own, like a name or a date.


Types of Jewellery

Sometimes it’s hard to choose the perfect piece of jewellery because you don’t exactly know what the person prefers or likes. In this case, you can ask someone close to them about their preferences or look at their social media photos and see what they wear. They may be fans of rings or enjoy a good pair of earrings. There are so many choices in colour, material and design, but don’t be afraid to experiment or take some risks; who knows, maybe the person didn’t know they liked that rose-gold bracelet.


Rings are one of the most personal and emotional pieces of jewellery. They are an excellent gift for any occasion, birthday, anniversary, graduation, Christmas, Valentine’s Day etc. But before buying it, you’ll need to consider some things. First, think about the occasion. Is it just a fashion accessory or a gift to mark a new chapter in their life? If you’re looking for an engagement ring, a diamond is a perfect choice. If you’re buying it as a birthday gift, a birthstone according to their month will be great.

girl wearing scandinavian rings with stones

Second, think about the person you’re buying the gift for. Are they your girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, friend, family member, or is it for someone else? Don’t think about what you like, choose something they would wear and enjoy. Is their style more casual or elegant? Do they like gold or silver? Are they a fan of colour? Try to consider personalising the ring. For a lot of people, custom rings represent love and thoughtfulness. Engraving the ring with a date or a meaningful symbol will add more value to the present.

Third, decide on your budget and look for rings within that price range. This will narrow down your choices and make things easier. For someone close to you, like a partner or your parents, you’ll probably choose something more expensive, and for a friend or a colleague, something on the more budget-friendly side. And lastly, always choose rings with high-quality materials. You’ll want this gift to last for as long as possible so look for a reputable jeweller no matter what your budget is.


A suitable bracelet is a must for women and men equally. Bracelets may seem under-rated but can make a big statement by themselves or combined with a pair of earrings. It’s an accessory that can be stylish, elegant or casual and complement every personal style. Before buying, make sure you got the correct size. A loose bracelet won’t fit, and it might fall off the person’s hand. If the bracelet is too tight, it may limit the movement of the hand and prevent blood circulation. You don’t want those things, so getting the correct measurement is crucial.

Think about the person’s style. Choose a simple and elegant bracelet with subtle details if they prefer a classier look. If the person enjoys a more casual and fun style you can go with a more colourful bracelet with many details. There is no point in buying a gift that will last for a short time, so always choose quality over quantity. Invest in premium materials such as silver, gold, platinum and titanium that will last for a long time.

You can even make them go out of their comfort zone and try something new, like the aromatherapy diffuser bracelets or new designs from reusable and eco-friendly materials. There are many style choices such as charm, beaded, cuff, bangle, pearl, chain, slider bracelets and much more. You’ll need to know the person’s preferences, and it will be one of the gifts they’ll never forget.


A thoughtfully chosen pair of earrings will make a stunning and memorable gift for any occasion. They represent love and loyalty that comes in many shapes and sizes:

  • Studs – versatile and flattering to any face shape;
  • Hoops – many sizes and materials that fit any style;
  • Drop – simple and delicate or bold and colourful and feature gems or pearls;
  • Chandelier – dramatic and elegant with ornate tiers.

First, consider the recipient’s face shape. For a round face, choose long shapes, the circular earring will soften a square face, and the stud earrings will fit everyone. Second, observe what they already wear. This can be a good guide when you’re buying your gift. Third, think about their lifestyle. For example, teachers and nurses require something simpler, and retailers and public figures can opt for more colourful designs. And lastly, take note of their interests. If they like music, you can get music-related earrings; if they’re into art, a pallet and brush shaped ones will be fun to wear.


The perfect necklace can make or break a whole outfit. It can be its focal point or an ideal subtle accessory that complements it. There is a vast choice of necklace shapes and sizes, and there is something for everyone out there. Long and short, thick and thin, simple or colourful, classy or whimsical. If you’re buying a gift for a more special occasion, an elegant and simple design that empowers elegance and style will be perfect. If you’re getting something just as a symbol of affection, choose a more casual necklace that will remind them how much you care.

girl wearing golden scandinavian birthstone necklaces

Check what they already own and compare it with the things you like. If they have a lot of colour in their closet, a bright and uniquely shaped necklace will add to their whimsy. If their pallet is neutral or dark, elegantly shaped forms and materials will accentuate their style. You can combine it with some beautiful custom rings and gift them a present they’ll never forget. Look out for high-quality materials, because cheap ones can stain the clothing, damage and lose their colour very fast.

In Summary

Buying jewellery is something you can never go wrong with. It’s a long-lasting gift that’s practical, pretty and memorable. It can make a statement and wow everyone around it. Appreciating and buying a good piece of jewellery will never go out of style. It’s a universal gift for any gender, age and occasion.