When you’re a teenager, you do everything to stand out from the crowd and get the attention you need, and it’s not exactly the time of your life where comfort means anything. That’s not the case when you reach your late twenties and early thirties!

If you want me to clarify with an example, I would say it has to be the period of wearing uncomfortable high heels day in and day out, that you simply can’t stop wearing because you feel your self-esteem is sky-high despite the excruciating pain, as opposed to the period of making the most of the ingenious orthopedic Mary Janes that feel as comfortable as they look.

I wasn’t always a fan of Mary Janes but I learned to love them because of how great they make me feel. Unlike my first thought, they are stylish and can be worn with all sorts of outfits, from casual, smart casual, to formal, as they are available in a variety of colours, with different features, with or without the classy heel. Buy leather and you can have them as a year-round staple.

What makes orthopedic Mary Janes irreplaceable is the fact they add to the health instead of leading to health problems like high heels do. Since they are designed conforming to the natural shape of the feet, so even the foot bed is properly contoured, they have a wide toe box which makes them ideal for everyone, even women with foot and knee pain.

mary jane orthopedic shoes

If you’re like me and experience issues with bunions due to extensive wearing of high heels, fret not, Mary Janes are wide enough to accommodate them without causing pain or lead to other foot deformities, such as corns, calluses, and hammertoes. What I realised over the years is it’s not style if it harms you so why not choose comfort?!

When spending a lot of time on foot or sitting, it’s normal for feet to get swollen. As Mary Janes are orthopedic they have removable insoles allowing you to change the size inside according to the feet swelling. On the plus side too you never have to worry about sweaty feet either, just change the insole and that’s it; bye bye athlete’s foot.

Compared to other shoes I’ve worn before, I see immediate difference with these because of the breathability they were created to provide and it shouldn’t come as a surprise I don’t have a problem with smelly feet anymore.