Trends come and go, but there’s one that is persistent enough and is here to stay for long. Yes, you guessed it, it’s the trend of staying healthy. Since we’re so in touch with information regarding the lifestyles of celebrities on a daily basis, we get to see their flawless and jaw-dropping bodies and we immediately wish to implement their diets to get the same results. Little by little we start embracing healthy lifestyles, trying to get the perfect balance of proper nutrition with the right amount of exercise, and yet somehow we still don’t get the healthy-selves we strive for, not regarding our weight but our overall well-being.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been through such an experience. The problem is we fail to see it’s not actually our diet or exercise plan that seems to be ineffective or inadequate, but rather the choices we make regarding clothing and bedding materials. It took me a while to actually get to find the real culprit; I was feeling unwell for no apparent reason over a certain amount of time and the worst thing of all my family declared me as a hypochondriac. The final breakthrough was made when I started getting unbearable rashes right after changing my bedding and blankets. The trip to the doctor’s proved my suspicion, it was the clothing and bedding to blame after all which is what got me thinking about doing some radical changes concerning my future shopping and that’s how I stumbled upon organic throws.


Made from 100% bamboo, the organic throws proved to be more than an investment worth making since they saved me from annoying rashes, sleepless nights, and justified my previous “not feeling well” series proving I wasn’t a hypochondriac. I don’t just use them as part of the bedding, but I carry them around with me, looking like Bridget Jones in what Mark called a tent-business, because I fell in love with the warmth they provide thanks to their thermoregulation. Though I thought they’d be specific, requiring more maintenance, I just dry-clean them and they’re as good as new. If this wasn’t enough, they’re hypoallergenic and surprisingly remain odour-free no matter how much I use them.

There’s nothing quite like getting back to our roots and turning to products in the likes of those our ancestors used, only relying on nature. Thanks to this kind of change, I started thinking about my decisions regarding the clothing that occupied my wardrobe, which resulted in instant minimising and not welcoming polyester and rayon ever again in my home. Have you considered making such drastic changes and turning to organic materials?