So you’re ready to get yourself a cat, but is your home ready? If you want to make your kitty feel at home, it’s your job to make the place cat-friendly, and this is important knowing how territorial cats can be.

Acquiring the necessary pet supplies online and brick-and-mortar stores provide is essential to offer the comfort and safety your cat requires, but you should think broad instead of just focusing on the basics like food and water bowls, beds and litter boxes.

Unless you buy adequate toys and scratching post you should expect to get some of your precious furnishings scratched to pieces since cats need to scratch regularly to keep their claws in shape same way they’d do with trees in the wild.

Thinking of their health, especially if you let your cat wander off outdoors in your garden, you’d have to take measures and prevent getting a flea problem by treating them with the suitable pet supplies online shops offer such as Frontline Plus.

If there’s a case of worms and tapeworms, don’t worry, there’s the solution for that too in the form of tablets. Now when it comes to safety, you might want to purchase a leash or harness if you intend to go on walks together instead of letting your cat on its own outdoors.

When you go for the second option, don’t forget to pay the vet a visit for microchipping and adding a collar with an ID tag. This way even if you lose your furry friend, you’d still have chances of finding it. To be on the safe side, count on the help of screen doors and locking mechanisms for the windows.

Though cats are easy to entertain and would play with just about anything, this is exactly what should concern you. If there are items in sight that are harmful for them, items they can swallow or tangle in get rid of them. The same goes for plants that are toxic for them.

Likewise, cats love to observe their surroundings from the highest points in the home as the hunters they are, so they love to jump high up on furniture posing threat to precious items which shouldn’t be placed where they can easily be broken. It’s not that difficult to take care of this as long as you have the needed vertical space for cat trees.

Don’t forget about their fur either, a little massage with special pet brush comes in handy in deep cleaning, as well as removal of loose hair and strengthening the coat. Lastly, relax and let your cat get used to the new home in its own pace, no rushing!