Neat freaks – what a mess would the world be without them. The incredible talent to arrange everything in perfect order is miraculous and it dazzles all of us – the mortals who don’t mind having a few shirts or jeans on the bed and a pack of old magazines on the coffee table. Usually this doesn’t mean that we don’t like our homes to be neat and clean, but it definitely means that we’re too laid-back to be truly orderly.

Out of all potential “mess magnets” in the house, hallways are probably the most common. They are often overlooked as design opportunities and by being considered the transitional spaces of one’s home, these areas are almost always cramped, cluttered and simply unappealing. However, with these practical neat freak ideas you’ll be able to easily convert your messy entry in a lovely lived-in nook.


Keep Your Storage Hidden

This is a smart and achievable tip that can help you manage your untidy tendencies. With a compact cabinet big enough to store all your shoes, umbrellas and coats and a little modern hallway table for other utensils, you’ll have everything in one place. However, the best thing about this functional piece of furniture is that you won’t have to worry if your shoes are dirty or not since they will be hidden in the cabinet and no one but you and your family will be able to see them. Say yay for hidden clutter!

Make It Modern And Stylish

Neat freaks are not just the advocates of tidiness, they are also supporters of everything modern and stylish. A nicely decorated modern hallway table with a pretty round mirror on top can turn your dull hallway into an inviting, first impressions area. Add to that a fun, colorful rug that matches your home design and you’ll get the most gorgeous entryway décor a house could ask for.

Little Oddities Go a Long Way

With an old mannequin that you can use as a coat stand accompanied with a stylish umbrella stand you can create a trendy hallway feature that will wow all your guests. As for the shoes, you can built in a few shelves on the bottom of the wall and you’ll get a simple yet perfectly organized hallway corner that will finally wave goodbye to that unavoidable clutter.